Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Back again folks..... I have to tell you about an inspirational man I had the chance to do a story on.

Imagine these factors.

He's half the man he used to be.

He is twice the age of those he comes in contact with.

He has a spiritual connection.

He competes collegiately.

His name is Terence Haynes and he is a wrestler for Baldwin Wallace College in suburban Cleveland. He is a heavyweight, but as of about 13 -14 months ago....he was....a super-duper-extra-triple-duper heavyweight. Terence weighed 470 pounds.

Show of hands please. How many think thats too much???? Thanks. You can put your hands down.
Terence lost 235 pounds and since he was making changes, he decided to go even further. He enrolled in college... at age 45. Yes, he graduated from high school in 1981. The kids he sees on campus were not even born when he was getting his high school diploma.

Since he was losing weight and getting in shape, he tried out for the college wrestling team. He is their heavyweight and has one victory.

Terence works with troubled youths at Parmadale and is an ordained minister. He is always smiling and inspiring.

I did a piece on him and its posted on our website. once you get to the site.. search 45 year-old wrestler in the videos section on the right.. When I consider slacking off on my training or eating habits, I think of Terence... Ohh yea, look for a long story to be done on Terence this spring on ESPN E-60 show. That way he can inspire people all over the country.. BW folks wrote a great story on him too. THE LINK

Training has been going well. I sent in my application and will race in the Fools 50K on April 5th. Looking forward to that.
Thanks for the feedback on my gym ideas. I have more and will drop them in from time to time.
Life's a Blast!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hope everyone is fine. Crazy week on the sports front. One of the Cavs was stiffed in the all star selection process...then the Cavs owner rips the NBA for that...and the next day, the league mysteriously takes a rebound away from LeBron James and negates his amazing 52 point triple double at Madison Square Garden.

The Cavs are very ticked off..incredulous. The coach is puzzled. The guy who should be an all star (Mo Williams) laughed out loud when I asked him about the rebound taken from LeBron. He said he never seen that happen before. LeBron, perhaps to his credit did not meet with us today, but I could predict that he would try to downplay the whole thing. Top that off, Kobe and the Lakers were at the Cavs facility working out today, and Kobe said all the robotic things about the matchup against LeBron on Sunday. Hey, it will be fun to watch, no matter who wins.

On workout front, I am a little off in my numbers this week but have been insanely lousy in the eating front. No control. Need to return to really entering my meals in a journal. My weight is at its highest level in 7 months. Duct Tape over my mouth??? Yeah..that would do it!!

Was musing about what I would do if I owned a gym.

3 Ideas. 1. The parking lot would be a quarter mile away from the gym.
2. There would be an escalator to the second floor of the gym, which would be going you would do a mini-stair master workout to get upstairs.
3. lots of sports equipment. Things to lift. Fewer machines...

A Penny for your thoughts!!!
Life's a Blast