Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still Tempted about a 100 mile Run in a very good weeks worth of training...Hitting weights hard...doing more tempo runs, but have not ramped up the mileage much. thats gonna change. My week was fabulous but not even close to our friends in Egypt. What an incredible turn of events.. The people have spoken.
The idea of running a 100 miler is very tempting and I know the proof in the performance is in the training. The mental toughness. Running 50 miles is one thing. I can only imagine 100 is about 5 times the stress. I have 3 Ironman triathlons under my belt and I think a 100 miler would be tougher. Do the math. I need about 15 hours for the Ironman...the 100 miler will take 30 hours... Well theres only one way to find
I enlisted the writing skills of Scott Dunlap. (He is unaware of this. It just means I read his blog. I think its one of the best anywhere.) Scott ran the Burning River 100 miler and raved about it. It was a fun read and it shows just how amazing the race is in many respects. Kudos to the Race Director Joe Jurcyk and all the volunteers. Scott has been all over. You will come away from reading this piece thinking the Burning River is a cool race. Here is the link below.

Life's a Blast

Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping me in Suspension!!

Been doing this suspension training for 4 weeks now at local gym Fitworks..One Class a week. One hour of hell. The Devil's name is Matt. (Thats him above) Of course I am kidding but I enjoy being pushed and Matt certainly does that. "Lets go, go,go,go". "Don't stop..modify and keep moving".

(What did I sign myself up for??)

TRX is a copyrighted program, that uses Straps hung from a ceiling. As you can see in the photos, you can use the straps to do hundreds of movements. All of them use your body weight as the resistance. If you want more weight, then the angle you use is important. The workout never stops..We can go from chest presses right into squats, or lunges. Mountain Climbers. You name it. One drill right after another. I am close to my anaerobic threshold for a good chunk of the workout.. As I continue to work on my triathlon base building, I rely alot of doing workouts like these. I will do two of these per week soon.
On another note. I predicted the Steelers would win by 10 in the Super Bowl. Very wrong there.. I was impressed with Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. Looks like he is in a class with Brady and Manning now.
Life's a Blast.