Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 IS THE NEW 20

Good news.

Got a new one year contract which means I will be around Fox8 next September. That would mark 30 years at the station. I am truly blessed to mark that kinda milestone in such a fickle, wacky business. The things I have seen over the years!!!!! I am happy I got the deal because up until recently, the contracts were month to month, due to the economy. This is one year which is a step towards the old 3 year deals we used to get. But I take nothing for granted. Period.

Training is going alright. Am pretty sure I will do the Bad Ass 50K in November. Nice write up in todays Plain dealer about the 24 hour endurance challenge this weekend at Edgewater Park. Zach Lewis is right to point out Cleveland is becoming a mecca for ultra-running.

Take care and Life's a Blast!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Spectacular Fall????? You think I mean leaves all a-blazing with color?????

Nope, though the colors are getting amazing here in Northern Ohio..but the spectacular fall, was a..head over heels-dust kicking up-J.T. cursing-and garmin watch nearly getting decapitated sprawl performed at North Chagrin Reservation.

Thursday am, I did 1 hour, 25 minutes at the park. I would like to say, this trip happened when I was tired..near the end of the run, but , alas, I cannot. The trip was in the first 50 seconds. Left foot hit a root. Right foot lurched forward, as I tried to maintain balance.. Right foot gained some balance but the left foot hit another root and then I was airborne. I saw this baby go down as in slo motion. I literally hit the ground on my left shoulder, "Sunnnuva-bi$#*" I yelled, but I rolled as if I was in some Chuck Norris flick and the bad guys were after me. Problem here is I was right on the edge of a ravine..and I came to a stop about 8 inches from the edge...
I was very lucky. However as I got up, dusted myself off I realized that Tim Harber, my running buddy, who is likely chillin this week after doing Punxsy 50k last week, would be jealous. He is always the man who takes a spill on group runs. I'm gaining on you Timmy!!!!

This week, I got 3 runs of longer than an hour. I also have a new short term goal to shoot for.

The Bad Ass 50 K is November 14th. Its a low-key 50k put on by Chef Bill Bailey. I am setting that as a goal . I know I can get my mileage up and be ready for that race. Anyone else thinking of doing it.?????

Life's a Blast.

Monday, September 14, 2009



Game one of the NFL season is in the books. Browns hung with the Vikings for half of the game. Too much talent for Favre-Peterson and company. Browns lacking in many areas, but there is some promise. We'll see. Congrats to Cantons Josh McDaniels, (Broncos coach) whom I covered a lot in high school and college (John Carroll) for getting his first NFL win in his first game. It came because of a miracle, deflected pass for a t.d., but Josh doesn't care.!!

Many of our area ultra runners were resting their feet Sunday after the Punxsutawney 50 K on Saturday in PA.

Props to Vince Rucci in the middle , Mark Godale on the left for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.(The man on right is a Punxy resident who was third) One of our close family friends, David Wank came in 5th in the race. Thats fantastic. Props to all the folks who train at North Chagrin for their showings in the race. I am still trying to find out how everyone did. Kanye West was not entered in the race but still claims Beyonce is the greatest trail runner ever.

Training continues. Worked up to a 90 minute trail run with no complications from the summer ultra. Progress.

I am off to a local high school to do our Athlete of the Week piece.

Life's a Blast

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi Folks. the title means something, but no, it doesn't mean getting silly with some woman named Joy!!!...

It sums up how longtime shortstop Omar Vizquel plays baseball. I covered Omar for many years when he was an Indian. Now, he's 42 years old, owns 11 Gold Gloves for fielding excellence and still might play one more year.

I interviewed Omar a couple of days ago and he even hinted he would love to play his final year in Cleveland. A few years back the Indians began their youth movement and Omar ended up in Texas. Thats where he still plays and even at his age, has put up some Sportscenter Top 10 plays this year. Simply stated, he played the game with flair and you always could tell he was having fun. If you think pro athletes are jaded and stale you haven't seen Omar. Plus he as always been the same...good and bad. His first year in Cleveland, 1994, he committed 3 errors in one game... We were dumbfounded. He stood at his locker and answered all of our questions. Thats a real pro.!!!! A real pro is there when times are bad..not just when its all roses. I think Lebron James could learn something from Omar.

On the workout front. Today. In the am, I lifted upper body and did a tough leg workout. My sessions are always high tempo. I use the push--pull method. For instance. One set shoulder presses (push) followed by a set of bicep curls (pull). I get it done fast. For am cardio, I set the Concept 2 Rowing machine. 10 intervals... 200 meters with 30 seconds rest. I wanted to do each on in 48 seconds. For the most part, the reps were
48.5 seconds..a few 49-plus and one at 51 seconds. Good strong effort.

This Afternoon, I ran the trails at North Chagrin. 40 minutes. Gorgeous Day.

Son Pat might race at Geneva Sunday. I can't as the Browns open the season vs Favre and the Vikings. I will be busy.

Life's a Blast

Saturday, September 5, 2009


A gorgeous morning on Lake Erie got even better for me Saturday am. I went to a place in Willoughby called.."Just add Water", which mostly caters to scuba divers.

I had heard you can purchase prescription goggle lenses...kinda like when you go to Walgreens and find those reading glasses. I asked the guy to let me test out the different strengths of lenses and find the ones that fit my blind eyesight.....haha!!

It took awhile, but we got the formula and put the goggles together.. Best thing was each lense was about 8.50 and the actual strap and middle plastic was about 7-something.. got everything for about 25 bucks.. Great goggles....and...of the water...I longer.......Blind!!!!!!!!!

So, I went to the Lake. I always have my swim stuff in the trunk.(what triathlete doesn't right,??) I hopped in and cruised along the shore for about 40 minutes. It was amazing!!! First of all, Lake Erie is very clean, a far cry from when I was a kid. Now,!! I was watching little fishes swim around, as I cut through the water....

What a great way to spend part of your Saturday.
Saturday afternoon, I got to the station a bit early so I could get much of my work done, producing the sports I anchor.(7pm eastern, after Fox Baseball). That way, I could go up on the roof of Fox 8 and watch the Thunderbirds perform in the Cleveland National air show.. I never tire of watching those amazing machines..
On Friday, I got in a very strong 1 hour, 15 minute run on the trails. I did 10 sets of hill sprints of 30 seconds up..and jog back.. Good workout!!.
Life's a Blast!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This whole barefoot running thing is gaining momentum. No, the whole world is not ditching the 150 dollar shoes, but more and more people are questioning the need to run with such highly cushioned shoes. It seems to me..the more cushion on the shoe, the more force you bring down on the ground with each strike.....

I resolve to spend 10 minutes twice a week, running barefoot to strengthen my feet and to always go shoeless in the house....even in winter...

But don't take my word for it..... The New York Times had a recent piece on the whole thing... Here is the link.

Meanwhile, my training is getting more and more hour runs.,I have no ill effects from the 50 mile ultra I did in June...full speed ahead. I am going to run a 100 mile ultra marathon next year....I am leaning toward Burning River in August. My goal this month is to get a 3 hour run in as I will start to pile on the miles. Game on people. Game on.!!!

Shoutout to one of my favorite bloggers-triathletes. DC Rainmaker who pr'd at Ironman Canada. Expect to see him in Kona oneday. I gare--own-teee it.

Life's a Blast