Monday, September 14, 2009



Game one of the NFL season is in the books. Browns hung with the Vikings for half of the game. Too much talent for Favre-Peterson and company. Browns lacking in many areas, but there is some promise. We'll see. Congrats to Cantons Josh McDaniels, (Broncos coach) whom I covered a lot in high school and college (John Carroll) for getting his first NFL win in his first game. It came because of a miracle, deflected pass for a t.d., but Josh doesn't care.!!

Many of our area ultra runners were resting their feet Sunday after the Punxsutawney 50 K on Saturday in PA.

Props to Vince Rucci in the middle , Mark Godale on the left for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.(The man on right is a Punxy resident who was third) One of our close family friends, David Wank came in 5th in the race. Thats fantastic. Props to all the folks who train at North Chagrin for their showings in the race. I am still trying to find out how everyone did. Kanye West was not entered in the race but still claims Beyonce is the greatest trail runner ever.

Training continues. Worked up to a 90 minute trail run with no complications from the summer ultra. Progress.

I am off to a local high school to do our Athlete of the Week piece.

Life's a Blast


Missy said...

Kanye can suck it...there, I said it. He totally stiffed our hometown girl, Taylor. C'mon man, have just an ounce of class! Too much to ask, I know.

Yay for football season. My arse hasn't seen so much sofa as it has this weekend - and a double header tonite. GLORIOUS...

Trishie said...

HA at Kanye! you are hilarious, JT :)

Rainmaker said...

Good to see that you're building back up the mileage without issue...just in time for a nice enjoyable fall.

Kevin said...

I heard Kanye interrupted the Patrick Swayze funeral to say that Michale Jackson's funeral was the best one ever