Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tremendous Week Training

Sun is setting on a gorgeous Sunday night in Downtown Cleveland. My desk overlooks Lake Erie and it affords some spectacular sunsets... Tonights is a treat. Hope your week went well.
Heres what this late 50's ultra endurance goofball has been up to this week.
easy run of 40 minutes on trails
20 Minutes Rowing
40 Minutes on Treadmill
Light weights.
2 hour, 10 minute trail run, concentrating on attacking hills. Very strong effort
Upper Body Weights workout, lots and lots of yardwork..gardening etc.
20 Minute intervals Treadmill
1 Hour workout led by my Son. Combination of Crossfit principles, Sprints..Squats till I get the picture. He pushes me to the max!!! Awesome!!
3Hour, 30 minute trail run. Worked on my replacement fluids, goos..gels, etc..
developed a little strain in left shin...but have iced it and its responding.
Day off..painted our dining room and now at work getting ready for the late news, which goes on after the Coca Cola 600 airs on Fox!. Prepared early shows in case it rained in Charlotte.
Monday is Memorial Day. One of the best days of the year. Our family always goes to the local parade..cheers for the soldiers and kids in the bands and the little baseball and soccer kids..its a fun time... Then a big cookout at our house for the family... Hope you have a great day too.!!!
Life's a Blast!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

J.T. is still Alive

Greetings gang. Its been quite a while since I last posted. Would you believe just before Christmas!!?? 5 Months is a long time.
I continue to train as an ultra-distance trail runner and still cross train should I jump back into some triathlons this year.
Raced in the Fools 50k ultra in late March. It was the muddiest by far, that I have been involved in. The elite racers finish in around 4 hours...but for the back of the packers like are talking about another 3-4 hours dealing with the rain and the muck.. We got it done and we move on. I hope to run a 100 miler this year but have yet to totally commit to one race. In the meantime, I love my time in the lancing some trails and clearing my mind.
The job has required a ton of mind-clearing, as our Cleveland Cavaliers were dumped by the Celtics in the playoffs..and now, we face, each day, a new rumor about LeBron James future and that has many Cleveland fans near suicidal!!!
My son, Patrick is now a personal trainer..and a spin instructor. That makes me very proud that he got into triathlons and working on his fitness. Lately, he has ditched his car (in our driveway) and commutes to his apartment in Ohio City on his bike.
The Bride continues to train clients..kick her hubbies butt and conduct boot camps and Pilates workshops.
Hope all of your training and racing is going well
Life's a Blast!!