Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seasons Greetings

Hi everyone.

The Bride and I went to Florida to visit her folks. Her mom has several physical issues. Diabetes, blindness and other health concerns but she has a fantastic outlook on life. Her dad lives the vows they made many years ago. Its cool to see them together and how they love each other. Good example for all of us, really.

My father-in-law has been a fan of The Confederate Railroad. Its a country band and its just so much fun to see him singing along to some of their songs. Songs like "She Took it Like a Man". "Jesus and Mama". "The Big One" .

Training has been going very well...but I have been enjoying the holiday food a little too much. I am keeping my eye on the prize but won't turn down goodies just for the sake of it..

I am working tonight, Christmas eve, but will be off on Christmas day. We will have lots of family over. The Bride and The Daughter, The Chef have been cooking for two days. The food will be amazing...
Heres a picture of tonights anchor team with our reindeer antlers....Bill Martin, next to me. (If you go to Facebook, he's the guy who taunts me daily and I give it right back!!) Stacey Bell, and legendary weatherman Dick Goddard. I like to say Dick gave Noah the first 8 day forecast.. Buhhh rummmmp!!! I am jealous of Goddards big antlers!!!

Keep training and keep reaching for greatness. Life's a Blast!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Had a great time with The Bride going back to our alma mater...Ashland University for commencement ceremonies. Thats where we met. It was an out of body experience in many ways. They put us up in a suite that is on the top floor of the womens dorm The Bride lived in. I was recalling all those times I was in her room past visiting hours...haha... even through fire alarms and such...

It was very tough crafting a speech that wasn't too "preachy". I just wove lots of Ashland moments into it..and experiences during my career that related to the overall message... Yes..."Paradise is where I am". I asked that students get involved in mentoring I was very much influenced by people who mentored me. One of my profs, Larry Hiner, was a great guy who encouraged me alot. He and his wife were there at our invitation and sat with The Bride.

When I was introduced, it was mentioned about how I have been an endurance athlete all these years and that I have gotten more into ultra marathons and how my goal is to run a 100 mile race. I could tell people were reacting like "is he insane"?? The answer is...the running is my maybe without the running, I would be insane. LOL!!

Great week but little running. Lots of crossfit. I took The Brides boot camp on Thursday that my son Patrick and The Bride co-taught. Very challenging. Even did an improvised crossfit workout Saturday am before the commencement ceremony in the suite. Pushups, Squats, Burpees..Handstand Pushups (I can manage 2) and more. My weight issues have been dealt with nicely this week and so, as I write this on a Monday am...all things are good.

Everyone have a great week.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Training Continues

Catch you up on some training.
Friday Dec 4
30 Mins Elliptical
Saturday Dec5.
2 hour, 9 minutes on trails...good chunk of them on hills
10.0 miles
Sunday Dec 6
Monday Dec 7th.
3 Rounds
Skip 1 min
15 Pushups
Skip 1 min
15 Situps
Skip 1 min
15 Med ball slams
Skip 1 min
15 bicep curls (20 lbs)dumbells
Skip 1 min
15 dumbell over hand presses 20 lbs each (Total time 28:30)
Cool down 10 min elliptical.
Tuesday Dec 8
30 min on stationary bike 125 heart rate
5 min easy jog treadmill
2 min row with 30 sec rest time 5.
(4 rounds of)
20 box bounds 22 inches high
10 pushups total time 4:55
Life's a Blast

Thursday, December 3, 2009


LeBron James is a freak. Of course, having covered him since his high school days, I know what he can do. On Monday, after an interview, James grabbed a football and threw a cross court pass that went 94 feet and nothing but net. Maybe you saw it. Our camerman was the only shooter who keep rolling after LeBron ended the interview. Now everyone wants it.FOX8.COM LINK ESPN took it and made it one of the Top 10 Plays. Folks, I see this stuff just about every week. LeBron takes a medicine ball, weighing 16 pounds and makes a 3 point shot with it. He is amazing and yes, if he applied himself, he could make it in the NFL. But with all the concussion stuff going on, he would be insane to try it.

Having said that, let me lay on you this freaks training for the past few days..(Laugh out loud here folks)
Tuesday Dec 1.
30 minutes strong effort on spinning bike.

Weds Dec 2.
Run 4.5 miles on muddy trails at North Chagrin. In the middle, I did 5, one minute sprints with 2 minutes recovery. Try sprinting in mud and on a trail.. Not smart. But I did not wipe out.

Thursday Dec 3rd (today)
Skip Rope 5 times 1 minute hard with :30 sec rest
Skip Rope 5 times 1 minute hard with :15 secs rest
Superset 5 sets of 20 pushups, alternated with 5 sets 20 situps.
Bicep Curls 20 lbs dumbells 15 reps 5 sets
Skip Rope 5 sets of 2 minutes hard with :30 sec rest
40 pound weigh carry... 5 sets
5 up and back bounding in Training Room
Kneel on Stability ball 3 minutes using light medicine ball making odd movements to test balance..
Skip Rope 5 straight minutes.

Life's a Blast!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Interval Boy

Hi there..

Training: Saturday 7.7 mile trail run on a somewhat brisk, but awesome, dry day at North Chagrin. Some good climbing in parts. Nice rythmn. Nice run. Took 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Sunday off, and ironically, so were the Browns. (Rim shot!!..they lost again)

Monday: more intervals...
Skip Rope 1 minute with :30 sec rest times 10.
Row 1 minute with :30 sec rest times 10.
Squats 30 reps with :60 sec rest. times 5.
Situps 100 reps as fast as possible.
Calf raises 100 reps with light weight in 3 segments

Good workout...good way to start the day.

Sunday, we had amoung other stories an internet piece on Indians Grady Sizemore, who found out that photos he sent to his girlfriend (racy photos) were leaked to an on line sports blog. . The shots, of him in vartious stages of undress were stolen, he claims and the team and players union is trying to find out who is responsible. Sizemore is a huge favorite of the ladies and this will only put his name out there even further... We decided not to use the photos last night because they were stolen property and we respect the legal system. However, I am sure others did. If you google him you might see if they are still posted. Its possible they have been removed.

Ohh, just another day at work...haha!!
Life's a Blast!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am writing this on Thanksgiving night...I have a little time as my 10pm newscast is coming up soon. Its not crazy working Thanksgiving...(any holiday for that matter) The gang had lots of food here and plenty of desserts. No shortage of grub. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Today, I went to the gym and did another version of a Crossfit Program. I adjusted the program from Tuesday and did 4 rounds..but with more reps...

1. Skip Rope for 200 hops
2. 20 Pushups
3. 20 Situps
4. Carry 2, 45 pound plates 4 round trips (60 feet and back is one trip)
5. Medicine Ball toss overhead..20 reps
6. Bicep Curl 20 pounds for 15 reps, strict form.
7. 20 Squats
I did this in 27:40. It was exhausting and it felt great.. You don't need a shiny new gym to do Cross fit. Check out these soldiers in Afghanistan. I was eating Turkey tonight , safe and sound because these guys are busting their butts defending our country.

Wednesday, I ran 5.5 miles on the trails...nice easy pace... I will do a long trail run on Saturday. On Friday, I will go easy for about an hour and since I have the day off, The Bride and I will see a movie. We will not go near any stores. Nope.

Life's a Blast

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know you are shocked.. Yes, I am posting again. Its been too long.

I cranked up my training mileage to 30 miles two weeks ago. Ran Half of the Bad Ass 50k as my work schedule only allowed me to be at the trail for about 3-4 hours...hence only half done. However, given my coming back from injury and other factors, I must admit, the 50 K would have been near my limits..

My goal of running the Burning River 100 mile Ultra marathon next Aug is what is motivating me to work on other aspects of my conditioning that could serve as an aid when the going gets tough. Hence, my embracing the Cross-fit, slash boot camp style of training. Google Crossfit and you will see many sites and ways to skin the cat... I have written several workouts WOD's . Heres an example of one I did this morning.

5 Rounds (time yourself for the entire workout.)

Skip Rope 100 hops
Pushups- 20
Situps 20
Carry 2, 45 lbs Olympic Barbell plates across Fitness Room and back (60 feet each way. do 3 laps)
20 Medicine ball overhead tosses. (ball is 12 lbs)
Bicep Curls dumbells strict 15 reps 20 lb dumbells
15 Squats.

I did the first one in about 5:30..the second about 6:00 and kept the pace pretty even the rest of the way. I took a real quick water break after 2 rounds. Finished the 5 rounds in 27:30. Great workout. Stretched to finish out.

My goal is to do 2 of these kinds of workouts per week, but also to get those long runs on the weekends. I will also be swimming more, as I still want to do a couple triathlons next season. The ultimate goal is to do the 100 miler, then in the next season, return to do an Ironman distance triathlon. Its been 8 years since I did an Ironman.

My weight right now is 198, but to accomplish the 100 mile goal, I will have to be under 180.

Work has been very busy. High School Football is in the final two weeks. The Browns have been missing in action most of the year and the Cavs are almost done with thier first month of the season.. In fact, in a couple of minutes I will be heading to Cavs practice.

Have a Great Week and Happy Thanksgiving. Life's a Blast

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Its been awhile since I posted. Mea Culpa!! Please check out the great piece in the New York Times by Pete Thamel on a man I have been covering for many years here in Cleveland. He is a life changer and he is more interested in the kids becoming great men, than each one becoming the next Heisman Trophy, or Super Bowl MVP. (He did coach, I mean he did save the life of Troy Smith who is a Heisman winner.) Ted Ginn Sr. told me once that he went from "picking cotton to picking colleges". A poor kid from the South, who knew great discrimination came to a point where, 3 years ago in February he had a ceremony on national signing day when 22 of his kids got scholarships. He once said in a pre game speech to the kids which we shot before a playoff game "We are just passing through here men, we are on our way to heaven".
Ted never envisoned himself as a great X's and O's coach..just a man who wants to make a difference. Check out the article and you may see his have an academy with more hands on teaching, is the only way to get things accomplished in the inner city. HERES THE LINK

Training has come in fits and starts. I injured my arch on my right foot a week ago and have had to shut down a bit. Was on track to run the BadAss 50 K in mid November but will seriously take a look at whether its worth it to risk further injury. Trying to be smart.

Work has been wild. We had the Browns Braylon Edwards allegedly assault some guy at a nightclub, then the Browns traded him away 2 days later. I got LeBron to comment on the incident (guy assaulted was a LeBron friend) and LeBron ripped Braylon for being childish and picking on someone only 130 pounds. Great stuff.!! If theres a link of the interview on our website, I will drop it in.

In the meantime..Life's a Blast!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 IS THE NEW 20

Good news.

Got a new one year contract which means I will be around Fox8 next September. That would mark 30 years at the station. I am truly blessed to mark that kinda milestone in such a fickle, wacky business. The things I have seen over the years!!!!! I am happy I got the deal because up until recently, the contracts were month to month, due to the economy. This is one year which is a step towards the old 3 year deals we used to get. But I take nothing for granted. Period.

Training is going alright. Am pretty sure I will do the Bad Ass 50K in November. Nice write up in todays Plain dealer about the 24 hour endurance challenge this weekend at Edgewater Park. Zach Lewis is right to point out Cleveland is becoming a mecca for ultra-running.

Take care and Life's a Blast!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Spectacular Fall????? You think I mean leaves all a-blazing with color?????

Nope, though the colors are getting amazing here in Northern Ohio..but the spectacular fall, was a..head over heels-dust kicking up-J.T. cursing-and garmin watch nearly getting decapitated sprawl performed at North Chagrin Reservation.

Thursday am, I did 1 hour, 25 minutes at the park. I would like to say, this trip happened when I was tired..near the end of the run, but , alas, I cannot. The trip was in the first 50 seconds. Left foot hit a root. Right foot lurched forward, as I tried to maintain balance.. Right foot gained some balance but the left foot hit another root and then I was airborne. I saw this baby go down as in slo motion. I literally hit the ground on my left shoulder, "Sunnnuva-bi$#*" I yelled, but I rolled as if I was in some Chuck Norris flick and the bad guys were after me. Problem here is I was right on the edge of a ravine..and I came to a stop about 8 inches from the edge...
I was very lucky. However as I got up, dusted myself off I realized that Tim Harber, my running buddy, who is likely chillin this week after doing Punxsy 50k last week, would be jealous. He is always the man who takes a spill on group runs. I'm gaining on you Timmy!!!!

This week, I got 3 runs of longer than an hour. I also have a new short term goal to shoot for.

The Bad Ass 50 K is November 14th. Its a low-key 50k put on by Chef Bill Bailey. I am setting that as a goal . I know I can get my mileage up and be ready for that race. Anyone else thinking of doing it.?????

Life's a Blast.

Monday, September 14, 2009



Game one of the NFL season is in the books. Browns hung with the Vikings for half of the game. Too much talent for Favre-Peterson and company. Browns lacking in many areas, but there is some promise. We'll see. Congrats to Cantons Josh McDaniels, (Broncos coach) whom I covered a lot in high school and college (John Carroll) for getting his first NFL win in his first game. It came because of a miracle, deflected pass for a t.d., but Josh doesn't care.!!

Many of our area ultra runners were resting their feet Sunday after the Punxsutawney 50 K on Saturday in PA.

Props to Vince Rucci in the middle , Mark Godale on the left for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.(The man on right is a Punxy resident who was third) One of our close family friends, David Wank came in 5th in the race. Thats fantastic. Props to all the folks who train at North Chagrin for their showings in the race. I am still trying to find out how everyone did. Kanye West was not entered in the race but still claims Beyonce is the greatest trail runner ever.

Training continues. Worked up to a 90 minute trail run with no complications from the summer ultra. Progress.

I am off to a local high school to do our Athlete of the Week piece.

Life's a Blast

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi Folks. the title means something, but no, it doesn't mean getting silly with some woman named Joy!!!...

It sums up how longtime shortstop Omar Vizquel plays baseball. I covered Omar for many years when he was an Indian. Now, he's 42 years old, owns 11 Gold Gloves for fielding excellence and still might play one more year.

I interviewed Omar a couple of days ago and he even hinted he would love to play his final year in Cleveland. A few years back the Indians began their youth movement and Omar ended up in Texas. Thats where he still plays and even at his age, has put up some Sportscenter Top 10 plays this year. Simply stated, he played the game with flair and you always could tell he was having fun. If you think pro athletes are jaded and stale you haven't seen Omar. Plus he as always been the same...good and bad. His first year in Cleveland, 1994, he committed 3 errors in one game... We were dumbfounded. He stood at his locker and answered all of our questions. Thats a real pro.!!!! A real pro is there when times are bad..not just when its all roses. I think Lebron James could learn something from Omar.

On the workout front. Today. In the am, I lifted upper body and did a tough leg workout. My sessions are always high tempo. I use the push--pull method. For instance. One set shoulder presses (push) followed by a set of bicep curls (pull). I get it done fast. For am cardio, I set the Concept 2 Rowing machine. 10 intervals... 200 meters with 30 seconds rest. I wanted to do each on in 48 seconds. For the most part, the reps were
48.5 seconds..a few 49-plus and one at 51 seconds. Good strong effort.

This Afternoon, I ran the trails at North Chagrin. 40 minutes. Gorgeous Day.

Son Pat might race at Geneva Sunday. I can't as the Browns open the season vs Favre and the Vikings. I will be busy.

Life's a Blast

Saturday, September 5, 2009


A gorgeous morning on Lake Erie got even better for me Saturday am. I went to a place in Willoughby called.."Just add Water", which mostly caters to scuba divers.

I had heard you can purchase prescription goggle lenses...kinda like when you go to Walgreens and find those reading glasses. I asked the guy to let me test out the different strengths of lenses and find the ones that fit my blind eyesight.....haha!!

It took awhile, but we got the formula and put the goggles together.. Best thing was each lense was about 8.50 and the actual strap and middle plastic was about 7-something.. got everything for about 25 bucks.. Great goggles....and...of the water...I longer.......Blind!!!!!!!!!

So, I went to the Lake. I always have my swim stuff in the trunk.(what triathlete doesn't right,??) I hopped in and cruised along the shore for about 40 minutes. It was amazing!!! First of all, Lake Erie is very clean, a far cry from when I was a kid. Now,!! I was watching little fishes swim around, as I cut through the water....

What a great way to spend part of your Saturday.
Saturday afternoon, I got to the station a bit early so I could get much of my work done, producing the sports I anchor.(7pm eastern, after Fox Baseball). That way, I could go up on the roof of Fox 8 and watch the Thunderbirds perform in the Cleveland National air show.. I never tire of watching those amazing machines..
On Friday, I got in a very strong 1 hour, 15 minute run on the trails. I did 10 sets of hill sprints of 30 seconds up..and jog back.. Good workout!!.
Life's a Blast!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This whole barefoot running thing is gaining momentum. No, the whole world is not ditching the 150 dollar shoes, but more and more people are questioning the need to run with such highly cushioned shoes. It seems to me..the more cushion on the shoe, the more force you bring down on the ground with each strike.....

I resolve to spend 10 minutes twice a week, running barefoot to strengthen my feet and to always go shoeless in the house....even in winter...

But don't take my word for it..... The New York Times had a recent piece on the whole thing... Here is the link.

Meanwhile, my training is getting more and more hour runs.,I have no ill effects from the 50 mile ultra I did in June...full speed ahead. I am going to run a 100 mile ultra marathon next year....I am leaning toward Burning River in August. My goal this month is to get a 3 hour run in as I will start to pile on the miles. Game on people. Game on.!!!

Shoutout to one of my favorite bloggers-triathletes. DC Rainmaker who pr'd at Ironman Canada. Expect to see him in Kona oneday. I gare--own-teee it.

Life's a Blast

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi again,

Got in a one hour trail run this morning and thus, a very good week of workouts and keeping with a better eating plan. I confess, I did a one day liquids only fast last Sunday and that got me back on track a bit.

Last night was our first Friday Night Touchdown Night over high school football coverage. We cover 20 games..using 7 cameras and its an wild scene, especially when everyone gets back in the building around 10p and has 35 minutes to edit..write etc all the highlights. My 3 games were all affected by thunderstorms...postponements..delays...etc. Crazy night but we hit the air and knocked it out of the park.

I read a short piece in Sports Illustrated about ultra marathoner ArthurWebb. He has run 12 straight Badwater Ultra marathons. He is 67. He is my new role model.. hahaha. Badwater is the 135 mile race from Death Valley to an elevation of 8,500 feet. Run in a furnace for about 2-3 days and thats Badwater. Arthur had a quote I love. "I'd rather die living, than live dying" I think that sums up many of us endurance junkies. Any one of us could be smoked right in the middle of a race or a workout. I look back on Daryl Kollai, who at age 53 last year died on a training bike workout. Live your life to the edge...and hey, you'll love the view"

Speaking of Daryl. Kim Shaheen, who trained alot with Daryl, is racing Ironman Louisville. No doubt she will be thinking of our late friend when she crosses the line and hears.."You are an Ironman" Good luck to all who are racing.

Life's a Blast

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi again...
I am trying to get in the habit of posting 3 or more times a here goes.
Saturday, I ran 70 minutes with a group getting ready for Punxsytawney 50 K in early Sept. It was great being with a group and getting the running insults and give and take.
Monday, I did upper body. Tuesday, I ran for an hour on the trails. Today (weds) I hit a full body workout in the AM.... and then got in a brisk 35 minutes solo on the trails while The Bride taught a Pilates class.
Saw Inglorious Basterds. Very well done flick..with yes...alot of gore...but it was suspenseful. Great acting..especially the guy playing the German SS officer. Yes, Brad Pitt was good too.
The Bride got lots of new toys and is blasting her clients with some innovative techniques. She had me do a few variations of some lifting sets...using kettlebells. Big time tough!! I vow to do more of these kinds of workouts....

I want to mention a young man who is very inspiring. Cory Skoczen, Ashland U. football player suffered a spinal cord injury 2 weeks ago and was initially feared to be paralyzed. He has shown great determination and has slowly gotten some feeling back..and now has been released from the hospital. He was advised to take a year off...but Cory has already vowed to go classes and to resume a normal life as best he can. He will be on the sidelines this fall, I am sure and will boost the morale of his Eagle teammates. Keep Cory in your thougths.

Life's a Blast

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long Time Running Buddy

Hi folks....sorry its been about a month since my last post. I am back running and have put 2 weeks together with a longest run of 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is great because I could not even run up until 3 weeks ago. I feel very much healed from the 50 mile ultra. Plans for future upcoming....

She was a running buddy of mine from the first time I saw her. She always wanted to test my limits and our jaunts at Euclid Creek Reservation were soul searching time. The Bride encouraged me to run with her and I always came back from our runs with a better attitude. Everything about Bailey was good. Devoted friend. Un questioned love towards me and to everyone. I ran with her until about 2-3 years ago. In the past year, her health went downhill. I always wanted her around and selfishly thought this could be the case , at least until next year. But sadly no. Two weeks ago, The Bride and I had to let her go. It was heart breaking but we feel she is in a better place.

I always think of her when I lace up the shoes. I know part of her will be scattered at the park and also in our backyard amoungst the gorgeous flowers and plants The Bride has placed.

Bailey lived nearly 15 years. She will live on in our hearts forever.

God Bless our Bailey

Monday, July 27, 2009


You gotta love a triathlon that has a theme. The Fairport Pirate Triathlon is not only one of the best small triathlons gets into the theme..thats for sure. Notice the pirate stuff all over the Finish area. The triathlon is very inexpensive..How about 20 bucks!!!!!! I have done it many times...this year however, I sat it out as I am recovering from my shin splints and stress fracture I suffered from my 50 mile ultra marathon in June.

My son, Pat raced..and this is him...speeding to the start area out of transistion as he was running late. The day was goregous...breezy..clear..

Ohh..and did I mentioned they get into the act??? Brian Davidson was giving his witty pre race instructions and dropped a few ARRRGHHHS!! too. By the way, he stripped out of the constume and raced as well.

One thing he told the triathletes was to make sure to swim to the left of the GIANT BURRITO floating in the water. One sponsor is Chipotle. Talk about product placement!!!! That silver thing that looks like a bullet was actually a buoy.

The course has a steep..but short hill coming out of transistion that catches some racers in the wrong gear. This view looks down into trans..and the lake beyond.

The bike finishes as racers speed down the hill....brake and dismount.. I was too slow..but thats Patrick in yellow shirt going down.

And thats Pat coming back up to begin the short run.. He was moving well...and making up for the bike. His tires were low and he said the wind was fairly brisk in open stretches....

Patrick finished strong and hung out a little with our buddy Eddie Police, who had a very good race coming off a 5:18 showing last week at the Musselman Half Iron. At Fairport, Pat was 4th in a very competitive age group.!!
Fairport is just a great small race.. I really enjoyed watching and shooting pics and chatting with all the racers and their families. Next week I am swimming for Team Dawud in the Cleveland Triathlon. This week I will try to run a couple miles on the trails at North Chagrin. The leg is much better.
Finally..Props to Lindsay Buckingham and Meagan Hayes ..two of our Fox 8 producers who finished their first triathlons at Huntington Beach. Pictures will follow.!!
Life's a Blast

Sunday, July 26, 2009




Wednesday, July 15, 2009

YouthFul Desire

Testing Headlight in darkened room eating huge bowl of pasta!!!

J.T's shoes prior to 50 miler...fighting over who gets to start!!!!!

Sitting into front of a pixel challenged laptop and looking for the words to describe the athletic state I am in now. 56 years and looking to recapture the joy of being a kid. Do you know the John Mayer song 1983 ??? Heres some lyrics "Here I stand, six feet small.... romanticizing years ago"
He goes on to sing " these days I wish I was six again..oh make me a red cape...I wanna be superman.ohh if only my life was more like 1983 ".

(click link below for Mayer live)

Mayer captures the feelings I sometimes get when I think back to youth, when all was play and responsibility was years in the future. We played hard. We laughed and we made our rules and we lived by them. Now we Train. We sometimes put the joy out of our psyches as we mindlessly log our miles and look ahead to the next race. the next workout..the next accomplishment. Do we really savor just how special a workout might have been. How long do we celebrate meeting a goal??? When I finished my 50 mile ultra, I immediately started thinking of what I could do next. Why was I so fixed on the road ahead and not doing the cha cha in that moment. Shame on me.
I can be guilty of this when I interview athletes. I might ask them about enjoying what they just did..but I bore in and ask about whats next. "Can you guys really beat the Steelers now that you've handled the Jets.
There are so many things I do want to do in endurance sports but I just have to remember to play while wink while wilting in the chuckle as I churn the gears. If I don't p.r. an event, I have to be bold enough to announce to the world.. "The time I just posted is a number, but the fun I had in getting to this point has done me a world of good.!!!!!

Quick training notes. 4 swim workouts in past week. Two pool workouts. 1.2 miles each. 2 swims in Lake Erie. Lifting well. Eating too much, but am using this recovery time to enjoy the things I was too strict about training for the 50 miler. I have love handles. Better show The Bride!!!
Life's a Blast

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hi everyone...17 days removed from the 50 mile ultra and I have been doing lots of weight lifting and a little elliptical work, but my left foot-ankle is still I am being very cautious.

I was going to start running Monday the 6th, but on Saturday night I was walking briskly from the studio to the control room at the station and I got some pretty intense I am backing off. I will go see a specialist.

But, while I was trying to get better I got the good news that my blogging buddy (actually he is buddy to many as he is well read) DONALD.. finished the incredibly tough Western States 100 Endurance Run.

That is Kona to triathletes. Carnegie Hall for pianists and Yankee Stadium to baseball players.

I might be somewhat new to ultra running, but I always credit Donald for his guidance into the ultra running world and for his ability to write very thoughtful pieces with humor and interest. He is a very good journalist, and if you visit his blog, you'll read about his experience in that very arduous race. Congrats Donald. And thanks for helping me get more and more into the trails, thanks to your writing.

Since he is a journalist, he might get a chuckle about my exchange with Shaquille Oneal when Shaq came to Cleveland for a press conference. Snippets were all over the media. Shaq was pretty funny. I think I was the 3rd reporter to get the mike before an overflow gym at the Cavs facility.

TRIGUYJT " John Telich Fox 8 ...Welcome to Cleveland...I'm shocked you are not tweeting up there on the dais?? Why not?? (Shaq is a big fan of Twitter)

SHAQ "Cuz I'm up here answering your question (laughter from everyone)

TRIGUYJT "Yeah, I appreciate you paying attention..(laughter). I notice alot of law enforcement people here today. Can you tell us what kind of involvement you will have here".?

SHAQ "I'm actually undercover here (laughter) I do have an interest and I will be looking into some things... but really..I'm just here for one thing. "Get a ring for the King". (applause..laughter)

and on and on the press conference went. As I have written before, its fun stuff and it will be pretty wild around here covering both LeBron and Shaq.

On the training front, our swim club at Fairport Harbor beach starts Tuesday the 7th...if you are in the Cleveland out... 7:30am. We have kayaks to assist people who might be intimidated by the open water. Usually, we swim about 1.5 to 2.0 miles..give or take a little yardage... After that, we have breakfast.

I have no idea what will be my next race...I just want to make sure the foot is better...My mom always said patience is a virtue and I am trying to practice that.

In the meantime..Life's a Blast!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi folks. Its been 8 days since I scaled the 50 mile ultra mountain and I have been thinking back to that day and trying to wrap my mind around the task and comparing it to my 3 Ironman distance triathlons.

Which was tougher??? I said initially that the 50 miler was more stressful to my body. However, I examined some facts from each discipline and came up with these conclusions.

Ironman distance Triathlon.
1. Longer amount of hours and effort. First one I did was in 16 hours and 45 min...then the next two were in the upper 15 hour range.
2. More areas of the body aching. Back discomfort from the Bike. Knee issues from the marathon segmernt of the triathlon.
3. Psychological Aspect . I was constantly fighting my inner demons during the Ironman races. Will I be fast enough to beat the bike cut off?? Can I deal with the day turning to night and still being out on country roads with only a neon necklace to ward off stray cars. My races were small events compared to the corporate races in the M-Dot format.
4. Nutrition knowledge was less when I did the three Irons. (Most recent one was 2002). I never bonked, but I know I was not properly fueled besides Gatorade and water.

50 Mile Ultra Marathon
1. It was a solo event, so I controlled the run...I was under no pressure to beat anyone or try to stay with any person. I say that was a benefit. Also, having my son run the last 20 with me was a huge benefit.
2. Body issues. I traumatized my tendons to my left ankle at mile 25 or so.. I kept running. Not really smart. Once I got that issue controlled in my mind. (ibprofen helped) I was able to finish. I ran it in 11 hours. 54 minutes.
3. Fitness level was about the same as the Irons, but I felt I had alot in the tank when I finished. I think I can run a 100 miler some day. I am not sure, I could do a double-Ironman.
4. My nutrition was much better. Roctane Gels were used and really helped. PB and J sandwiches were beneficial as were the trail mix and the Coke-Gatorade-Water I constantly used.

Those are some points and I have concluded that the Ironman distance gets a slight edge on which is tougher. Very slight. I also know if I attempted a 50 miler in August when the temps are in the 80's with humidity I would easily vote for the ultra-marathon being tougher.

I am blessed to be healthy enough to be able to. complete 3 Iron distances triathlons in my late 40's and do a 50 mile ultra at age 56. I know I will do a 100 miler some day and I am not done wtih long distance triathlons either. Speaking of 100 milers....good luck to Donald in the Western States 100.

Those are my stories and I am sticking to them.

On a work note. Things will be lots of fun covering the Cavs now that Shaq is on the team. He is a funny guy and he'll keep us on our toes..LOL!!!

Life's a Blast

Friday, June 19, 2009


The 50 mile Birthday ultra run was a smashing success!!! Race Director J.T. is happy and so is the runner himself....J.T.!!!

What day. Its a day later and I have my left foot propped up and its red and swollen. I will have to see a professional about it. More on that.

These things all happened.
1. Nearly arrested
2. Garmin nearly died
3. Ran some mileage on pavement...yuck

Weds night I tested out my new head lamp. Princeton Tec. Turned out the lights and ate pasta with the lamp!!

Thurs slight rain...I headed to North Chagrin Reservation. Had all the supplies and was ready. Started at 3:30am. Plan was to run 2 or 3 mile loops and get to car at Strawberry for supplies..

Got in my first loop and returned to the lot. Whoops!! Ranger there with lights flashing. "May I see your license? Are you aware the park is closed???" I stammered some responses, he checked the license and then...after making me wait 10 minutes issued a warning. Leave the park and do NOT return til 6am. Ohh license tag was one day expired.

So from about 4am till 6am this is what I saw. Ran on Chardon and Chagrin River Road. Headlamp was great for the drivers. They saw me coming. By 6am I was 11 plus miles in and could return to Strawberry and resume on the trails.

Saw Betty and met Becky and they encouraged me. I started free lancing the park and using my Garmin to keep track. Did loops to Squires. I would return every 3 miles are so to load up.

I used tons of water.. 8 GU ROCTANE. (Love that stuff) Trail Mix, 6 ibprofens in a small bag with salt. I would grab a pill and couple pinches of salt when I took a pill. Gatorade was also used.

I played mental games to keep the run fresh. Kept The Bride aware of my progress. She was gonna come by a couple times and and my son Pat planned on getting there to run the final 20 with me.

25 miles in, I felt discomfort just above my left ankle. I thought it was a tendon getting traumatized but I kept running. I was really fighting it but what kept me going was something all endurance athletes rely on to battle through adversity. The inner will to test yourself to the limit!! I had been watching David Goggins videos on YouTube and they inspire. I also thought of the kids who deal with Cerebral Palsy. I have been associated with the Cleveland organization this past year. Last summer, I swam for Team Dawud. (see my sidebar, me in swimcap and Dawud in helmet) I became friends with Kristen who's daughter Julia has CP. I thought of the strength and courage these kids and their families muster up to perform daily tasks is remarkable. I knew running 50 miles would be thought as a big deal by many, but deep down I knew the kids with CP have more toughness and determination that a race filled with ultra pushed on...and on.

The weather remained overcast and somewhat cool. Perfect Day!!!!

Patrick arrived at mile 29 and that was perfect timing. 3 weeks ago, he ran 50k to celebrate his 30th birthday. I was dragging a bit when he got there and we starting running some different trails that he is accustomed too...and after awhile he was getting the lay of the park. Up till about 38 miles I was slowing a little more and fighting the pain in left foot. But by mile 37 I started to really get my rythmn and we were moving very well. 10 minute miles and the pain was more in the back of my mind.

The Bride showed up again at mile 42 and we had cookies..some o.j., which I never had in a race before. It helped. We kept going and I could see the end. Running sections of the park that had roots actually helped, because I was focused on the ground and could feel like I was moving very well. By mile 48 the Garmin was warning me that power was low.. I was obsessed with breaking 12 hours and beating the Garmin to finish. It worked. 11 hours, 54 minutes.

Afterward, I iced my left knee and my left ankle and we headed home. Two strip steaks bit the dust. I ate everything in sight.

This morning I spoke with my doctor who says I just traumatized the foot and to keep it elevated and keep the Aleve coming. If it persists, I will get an ex-ray. He also referred me to an orthapedic professional who is a runner and who would understand why I need to do this and why it is so fulfilling to attack a challenge and not back down and why we always must strive to be our best...every day....every mile.

Life's a blast!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

THE BIG 5--6

Another week of solid training is in the books...
Heres how I broke it down.
Monday, upper body and leg workout..
12 minutes of Rope Skipping high cadence
Tuesday 6 mile trail run...attacking hills..and strong tempo..working on easy gait, but quick turnover...
Wednesday--Same as Monday
Thurs..5 mile trail run running uphill much of the first 1.5 on strong finish to the the rain
Friday Light lifting and Skipping Rope
Today early start to a planned 11 mile trail run. Got underway at morning..but perfect... Heres a couple of pics of what I ran into at North Chagrin Reservation. Got 5.8 miles in before I met up with Andy, Dale, Betty and Dick and Suzanne. I ran another hour with Andy while the others settled into their own paces and trails. I finished with 10.5 miles. Good effort and best part is I am at the stage where my legs are recovering very well from longer runs. For the week, 22 miles, which was a planned down week. Next week, I will ramp up the mileage.
Weight situation. I dropped another pound and thats 13.5 to date. I am close to the weight I am comfortable. week, I hit the big 5--6. So, in keeping with the insanity that is my birthday-fitness challenges..I am pondering a way to bring it in. Last year at 11:59pm, on a high school track, I did everything 55. 55 laps on the quarter mile track. 55 reps on each weight exercise..etc..
This year, I just might take off an try to run my own 50 miler. I did the math. I can plot a 2 mile trail in the woods. If I run 25 of those...I will hit 50 miles. That way, I have many chances to swing by the car and grab any water-gu's-nourishment I need. Buddies, Tim, Suzanne and others are running the Mohican 50 miler next Saturday and I am really bummed that my schedule won't permit me to make it to Mohican. I wish them well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Training for the first ever attempt at running a 50 miler is going well. The only stick in the mud is I don't have a race that fits my I am working on that... I am really considering staging my own 50 conquest and will enlist the likes of my son, and others to run some of it with me.
Have been getting in some long Saturday runs and the cross training with weights, or balls or rope skipping has gone well too. Last week, when my son ran his 31.8 miles for his birthday, I got in one 16 miler and another 15 miler and other runs...... a total of 40 for the week.
This past week, I only totalled 27 miles...but got many of them this morning... 17.5 miles with Tim and also with Suzanne at North Chagrin. Both are running the Mohican 50 miler.

My Eat Clean approach has been great. 12 pounds lighter and its helping my ultra-training. I slipped a little the past few fact, right now I am eating a Hormel spaghetti dinner.... get this....1400 milligrams of sodium. Holy heart attack.
Its still possible my next race will be a triathlon. A sprint triathlon. I have done very little biking or swimming as I have been concentrating on upping the trail mileage.

I have tweeted about this book and I can't say enough about it. "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. (CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON REVIEW & Q AND A WITH AUTHOR) Very entertaining look at the Tarahumara runners of Mexico's Copper Canyon region and about how some elite runners competed against them. I have actually started re-reading the book, it was that good. I highly recommend it. He makes some good points about how man was designed to be a marathon machine..and how long distance running is the reason man is still many thousands of years ago..the only way to survive was to hunt the prey, by simply running it to death. He also makes the point that, although people think ultra runners are insane, they are simply doing what evolution has commanded them to efforts.
I think its a great book. No, I have never met the author, nor do I have any connection with him or the publisher. Any endurance athlete will read this book and I think see parts that resonate.
Next week, I will concentrate on some tempo runs.

Work is a little less insane, now that the Cavs were eliminated from the playoffs, but it seems, LeBron James is always in the news. Refusing to talk after the loss. Not shaking hands and then having surgery on his mouth. I said on the air, he should have been more gracious in defeat, but lets not make this look like he caused the swine flu. He apologized and I think he will grow from the experience.
Keep Training.. Life's a Blast.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Pat did it. Our son completed his goal. He wanted to run an ultra marathon to celebrate his 30th birthday. his 30 miles would have been fine...but since I had run a 50 k about 6 weeks ago, he mapped out a course that was 31.8 miles...just over 50 k. Why not one-up the old man??
He recruited his friend Bridget, who is married to his longtime pal, Chuck. Bridget used to be a bike messenger and she knew she could go the hilly mileage. They started in Chardon. Pat had the camelback..Bridget had lots of water in the back of the bike, and I packed lots in a cooler.
I was gonna sherpa the run. Diving in and out along the way and running about half the mileage.
Chucks house is about 1200 feet above sea level. Chardon is one of the high points in north east ohio. So the run would take two big elevation drops and climbs before finishing in Ohio City where Pat lives.
I ran the first 2.5 miles, said so long and ran back to the starting point to get the car. Pat wanted to do 6 hours. It was warm but not real hot. There was a breeze and some cloud cover. Driving to catch up to the pair, I did not see them... "No way they have gone this far"?? But they had. He was making good progress.
Near 12 miles is Chagrin River Road and Wilson Mills. The bridge was being worked on. I tried to talk the construction guys into letting them walk through when they got that far. Nope. So, we had to put the bike in the trunk and drive a detour of 5 miles to got to the other side of the bridge which was only 200 feet away. I told Pat, that its just a long water break. Don't let it get you down. We got to the other side..Pat ran 200 feet extra to make sure and off we went. I ran 2 miles up Wilson Mills, then ran back down to the parking lot on the south end of North Chagrin.
They were making good time. By the 22 mile mark (Monticello & Mayfield), Pat was feeling dizzy and storm clouds were coming. We rested a bit...he ate more and drank more and the air cooled, but the rains came. Not heavy rains, but cooling rains.

Pat was struggling at the point and I could see the doubt on his face. The Bride called and was worried about the weather. I called Fox 8 and the experts said the storms were lessening in intensity and any new ones to come would not have thunder. That reassured the pair and of course The Bride.
He kept motoring. The run down Carnegie is more than 5 miles. Then a tour past Progressive field and then over the Detroit/Superior bridge and home free. Finish point was The Old Angle Tavern on West 25th. Pat and I went to his apartment two blocks away and Bridgets family joined her in the Tavern. I got Pat the bag of ice...15 in the ice bath and he was on the road to recovery. Though he felt lousy the rest of the night..he was very happy to reach his goal.
We are very proud of the two of them. Pat ran in just over 6 hours. I tallied 15.9 miles in my sherpa-running buddy role. As I write this the next day, Pat is demolishing a good chunk of pork grilled on our grill. I think he's gonna be fine.
This Saturday I am aiming for an 18 mile trail run. Anyone game???

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I write this on a Sunday with a thousand things going on. First, the training. This past week, I had 2 strong upper body workouts and 2 leg workouts. I had two 6.0 mile trail runs and I capped the week off with a very strong 15.9 mile trail run at North Chagrin. I treated the first hour as a very quick paced, out and back down on the Bridle Path. It was cool and very pleasant. I felt real strong and definitely feel the effects of weighing 11 pounds less than when I started the Clean Eating Lifestyle. I got in just under 7 miles in the plenty of fluids,..a Gu Roctane, and half of a pb and j. Saw Betty, Andy (props on Rite Aid marathon) and Pat. I took off and worked on getting 16 miles in. Weaved all over the trails and got the workout in. Near the end, I saw Mike, Tim and others and they were trying to see if I wanted to run the Punxtawney 50 K in September. We'll see. After, an ice bath, I was good to go, but somewhat ravenous. Ate under control on Saturday, but today, I am going bonkers. We are cooking out at the station and look out!!!! Monday AM, I will get in a solid weight workout and then 45 minute run and then, its one of the favorite days of the year. We honor the veterans and our family in Euclid, always mans a corner and cheers wildly for all the vets. We really appreciate the service to our country. The Bride and I will entertain family as per usual and burn a few more burgers and dogs.... Work has been insane with the Cavs in the Eastern Conf finals and perhaps you saw LeBron James miracle shot friday night. Nothing he does amazes me. I have seen this stuff for years. He made that shot after being on the cover of Sports Illustrated and usually the cover means some kinda jinx. Didn't work this time. Cavs have a tough battle with the Magic. Weds, my oldest son Patrick turns 30 and he will be running 30 miles to celebrate it!!! I will run about 12 miles with him and another friend of his will be on her bike with him the whole way. He will run from near Chardon to his apartment in Ohio City on Clevelands near west side. I am really proud of Pat. He is now in year #3 of triathlons and I love racing with him and training too. Its pretty special.

Kudos to Darrell Nagy aka "Pudge". He's my childhood buddy who qualified for Boston and realized a long time dream this past April.
Heres a picture. (He is 17430 in white cap, arms raised) Pudge ran a 3:52:49...very strong . Us 50's guys gotta stick together.

Finally, you heard of the turtle who was mugged by two snails. Cops asked him what happened and he said "I'd don't know, it happened so fast". Its a little joke I use when I speak but it means more to me. Everything is relative. My speed might not make an Ironman champ blush, but my speed is my speed and my progress as an athlete is MY progress. I train hard and you trained hard as well. Don't be discouraged if a part of your training is not moving at the speed you want. It will come. Just keep plugging along.
I also want to thank the Sherwin Williams Womens Club for having me speak at their annual dinner. I love my public speaking and I always use the forum to try to motivate others and keep people reaching for more in their lives. Several of the women told me afterwards they are working on their running and biking and I simply encourage them to try their best.
and ohhhh yeah...Life's a Blast.