Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Its been awhile since I posted. Mea Culpa!! Please check out the great piece in the New York Times by Pete Thamel on a man I have been covering for many years here in Cleveland. He is a life changer and he is more interested in the kids becoming great men, than each one becoming the next Heisman Trophy, or Super Bowl MVP. (He did coach, I mean he did save the life of Troy Smith who is a Heisman winner.) Ted Ginn Sr. told me once that he went from "picking cotton to picking colleges". A poor kid from the South, who knew great discrimination came to a point where, 3 years ago in February he had a ceremony on national signing day when 22 of his kids got scholarships. He once said in a pre game speech to the kids which we shot before a playoff game "We are just passing through here men, we are on our way to heaven".
Ted never envisoned himself as a great X's and O's coach..just a man who wants to make a difference. Check out the article and you may see his way...to have an academy with more hands on teaching, is the only way to get things accomplished in the inner city. HERES THE LINK

Training has come in fits and starts. I injured my arch on my right foot a week ago and have had to shut down a bit. Was on track to run the BadAss 50 K in mid November but will seriously take a look at whether its worth it to risk further injury. Trying to be smart.

Work has been wild. We had the Browns Braylon Edwards allegedly assault some guy at a nightclub, then the Browns traded him away 2 days later. I got LeBron to comment on the incident (guy assaulted was a LeBron friend) and LeBron ripped Braylon for being childish and picking on someone only 130 pounds. Great stuff.!! If theres a link of the interview on our website, I will drop it in.

In the meantime..Life's a Blast!!!