Monday, April 27, 2009


Thanks to Mike, Chris, Suzanne, Dave, and Betty for the company on Saturday as I finished off the week with a long trail run. Ran with the group for about 7 miles and then finished off my 12 miler at North Chagrin on my own. Great run... Awesome day.

Just spectacular weather. Met the weekly goal of mileage and weight workouts.
This week will see me get a long run in of 14 miles. My son, Patrick tuned up for his 30th birthday run of 30 miles by cranking out an 18 miler, from North Chagrin to Chardon. He is stoked.
I am starting this eating program modeled after the book "Clean Eating" by Tosca Reno. Nothing revolutionary about the program, but I think its much needed. Could stand to lose 15 lbs and know that will make a difference in my quest to jump from the Ultra distance of 50 50 miles. The Bride really wants me to lose the weight so I will snore less!!! LOL!!
Found this little gem on the internet and thought I would share with it with you. 3:01:50 at the Boston Marathon. The man has one leg. Amazing.

Cavs blew by the Pistons in 4 games and now wait to see whom they will face in round 2. Browns drafted 8 guys and got 3 players from the Jets. They need bodies.
Signing off for now. The weather is gorgeous and its crazy being inside.
Life's a Blast

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Welcome to my sanity checkup.

Having met last weeks running goal...a modest 23 miles, with a long run of 11 on the trails, I made this weeks goal to be 28 miles with a long run of 13 miles.... I am still trying to see which race I will use to get my first 50 mile Trail Race in. Kim says I should do Mohican in June. Its tempting. The family schedule might prevent it. We'll see. We may travel to California to visit our son, Joe, who boldly set out for L.A. 4 weeks ago and has already got a place and a job in the tv-film industry. I love his adventure-attitude. He is 26 and theres no time like RIGHT NOW to pursue your dreams. Face it, the perfect time never comes up.

This morning, I set out to run 7 miles at North Chagrin. I think you have read before how much I love this place.
It was cool and we had a bunch of rain the past few days and so I planned to stay on the Bridle Paths exclusively. I hardly ever run on the multi-purpose paved trails anymore, and lately I have "Gone off the Grid" and free lanced all the minor trails that go into the woods, with the many areas of soggy spots, and little bridges and steps and trees fallen over the tight little trails.
I began at a very easy pace and noted , how one of the creeks was running pretty well. I even heard it, which is a big deal for me. (I wear hearing aids when not training).

The 7 mile run would feature about 3,800 feet of climbing (and same of descending of course). The Bridle Path I was on is called NC2..its a 4.54 mile loop and goes by Squires Castle. I would tack on additional mileage to make the 7 miles.
About 35 minutes into the run is this creek and a stone walkway. The water was moving pretty good here.
Once past Squires and a little visit to the restroom, there is a switch back that has a very steep incline. I always try to attack this incline a couple of times a week.
All told, me and the Garmin 305 covered 7 miles. Nice and easy and 11 minutes per mile... Perfect way to start the day.

The Bride had personal training sessions with 3 different clients so I caught up on some blogs, facebook and twitter and then spoke before my dads Rotary club meeting. Now, I am writing quickly before heading to the Q to cover game 2 of the Cavs-Pistons. Speaking of the Cavs...the guys did a very cool take-off on the Heineken Commercial. Heres the link to it...
Later guys. Life's a Blast.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hi everyone....
Its been nearly 2 weeks since the 50 K and I am checking out more and more races in the trail running community.
I am also the proud owner of two purple toe-nails. I figured you only needed to see one foot. Imagine the other foot and a twin. However I have many interesting events to think of entering. This week, I set an easy goal of 25 trail miles and am more than halfway there. I did have a minor issue with my patella tendon in my right knee and am taking precautions. However, its an exciting time to think of the goals I can set and just what type of endurance events to tackle.

Matt suggested a 4 mile swim in Lake Erie this summer and I am thinking about that. I will have as a base this season, 2-3 Olympic distance triathlons, and perhaps 2 sprints. I think, since I am getting into the longer trail running...the ultra's....... I will not tackle a half Ironman this year . I reserve the right to jump back into the Longer triathlon mode. My most recent Ironman was 7 years ago and so I really need to get back to one. But, I have to be honest, the trail running is just an incredible elixir. Its magical in many ways. The past 2 days I did 6 mile trail runs..each one with about 2500 feet elevation climb and, while I was worried about the knee, I easily got into a zone and just ran..and climbed...and descended the hills or rocks etc..

Heres a little pic from one of the trails. I wrote on Facebook, that nothing clears the mind like a trail run, and I meant it. The process of running on the roads or on a community paved multipurpose trail doesn't mend the soul, the way a trail run does. My son, Patrick is training hard for his own way to celebrate his 30th birthday. He is going to run from Chardon to Cleveland and end up at his apartment in Ohio City. He mapped it out (30 miles, of course) and is psyched. I figure I will run 10 miles or so with him.

Work is getting busy with the Indians season underway and the Cavs beginning the playoffs on Saturday. Lots of practices to go to or games to cover. The Browns schedule came out and one date, I was hoping that would be free is October 25th. I wanted to enter the double-marathon on trails called "Run with Scissors". However that date is a home Browns game on Fox and so we will be doing some specials. Forget that one.!!! I do, however think sometime this year I will attempt a 50 miler.

Heres an example about how you have to think twice before speaking. I have to commend our anchorman Lou tonight. I was finishing up and being told in my ear how much time I had. I told the producer that I would kill S-7. S-7 happened to be slugged "John Madden Retires". The producer said in Lou's ear..."John Madden is dead". Then as Lou was hearing that, I could see the wheels turning. He almost blurted out something about Madden. Bless Lou for pausing and using his head. It could have been embarrassing.

Enjoy your training and racing. Good luck to the Boston Marathon runners.
Life's a Blast.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Little loose ends from my Fools 50K ultra marathon finish on April 5. According to my Garmin, I burned 4455 calories..and we climbed nearly 11,000 feet of elevation all told during the course of going up and down hills and across ledges and up and down steep steps. Good fun!!. I averaged just over 13 minutes per mile to post the 7 hour, 1 minute time. Don't think I am insane, but I am toying with the idea of entering a 50 miler. Have recovered pretty well. Ran on Thursday for a short bit and will resume running this weekend. Want you to meet a young lady, whom I did a story on for Fox 8. Taylor Hetrick from Chardon High School. She is a sophmore. With apologies to the talented singer Taylor young friend is the real Taylor Swift. I actually first saw her as she ran with someone during a triathlon. At the time, I did not know she was a nationally ranked swimmer. She is 16. A very personable kid. Popular and driven for success. She holds 3 American records and is gunning for a spot at competing in London in 2012. I am really glad I had the chance to meet her and of course, then have the chance to introduce her to you.

I have the link to the website HERE. When you get to the Fox8 home page, go to the video section. Look for the story.....Blind Swimmer Breaks Barriers. Thats right, Taylor is blind. Check it out. The story is less than 2 minutes and I know you'll come away with a great respect for her and will be inspired. Hey, life with inspiration is life well lived.

Take care!! Life's a Blast

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hi everyone.

If you have followed this blog, you might be aware that I have been a triathlete for about 25 years. But that means I came to tri's in my early 30's. Before that I ran. 8th grade cross country. 10 and 11th grade cross country. The past two years I have gotten more and more into training on trails and its like returning to my roots. I love it. say I loved competing in the Fools 50 K Trail race Sunday, would be right on the money. It was a blast. I had failed in the middle of winter to complete the Buckeye Winter 50K. (only went 18 plus) The conditions were pretty brutal, but I convinced myself that I could get it done as I prepared to start the race at Pine Hollow.

Having completed 3 Ironman distances, I still had never run more than a marathon at one time. Sunday, I would try to break that barrier. Gorgeous Morning. Sun was peaking over the hills. Temp about 30 ish. Wore my long sleeve compression tee underneath the Buckeye Trail jacket . Went with running shorts and my trusty Addidas trail shoes. There were 4 sections..all color coded and I have to say Lloyd Thomas did a great job marking the course.
Having lost 2 toe nails to long trail runs in recent months, I was curious to meet a guy who wore those new fangled shoes with the open toes. Just wild to look at. He says he never has toenail issues. Hey, it works for him.

Met Tim, whom I see at North Chagrin and David Wank, who has an ultra under his belt. He was doing the 25 K. Andy and I ran together for about a mile as the group thinned out. I was ready with an abundance of GU Roctane packets and determined to be disciplined on taking one every 50 minutes. 6 IBuProfen tablets waited for use. I had a collapsible water bottle which was easy to carry..only 14 ounces... just right. Heres some of the runners at about mile 4, before we went through the ledges section. It was just a fantastic day, weather wise.

I had on my Garmin 305 but not the heart rate monitor. I concentrated on easy strides and just power walked any of the hills. (there were plenty). On steep inclines I might have looked like Hitler Youth swinging my arms so much. Muddy in spots, but nothing horrible, I made it to the first 25K in 3 hours, 16 minutes. In my mind, I was thinking the race would take 8 hours, but since I did half in the above time, I was energized and starting calculating what I might finish in. I set the goal to do the second half in 3 hours and 45 mins or less to break 7 hours. Here I am getting more water at the halfway mark. At that point.. 4 Gu's 3 ibuprofens taken, one salt pill and 4 cups of Heed, plus copious water. The Roctane Rocked!!!! Real pick me up. I will always used those from now on.

Getting to the halfway mark, David Wank, who had finished the 25 K in 2:19 came with me and encouraged me while running the next mile or so. I really appreciated that. I told him there was no way in hell I would not finish.

20 Mile mark, I even called "The Bride". "Honey, its me. I am at mile 20 and I just want you to know I will finish this sucker". The Bride said, "Thats great..good luck..bye". I worried on the extreme downhills that my tightening quads would start barking, but overall they held up well. Had a little hip flexor issue but fought through it.

I just ran and enjoyed the day, mostly to myself. Would fall behind one man and woman team, then catch them, then fall behind. See sawing all day long.

Before I knew it, I hit the mythical marathon distance. 26.2 miles. 5 hours, 40 minutes. By then, i was thinking just about 5 miles left and 7 hours will be easy. But I started leaking oil and the last 5 miles took 1 hour and 20 minutes. The final stretch of trail before we broke out onto the grass for the 200-300 yards to the finish, I thought would never end. I thought I was gonna break 7 hours, but missed it by a minute and change.

7 hours, 1 minute, 35 seconds and happy to down fluids at the finish. Will I do another ultra??? Absolutely.!!!! Now, can someone tell me where I can get a good massage.
Ohhh Yeah, Life's a Blast!!!!