Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Welcome to my sanity checkup.

Having met last weeks running goal...a modest 23 miles, with a long run of 11 on the trails, I made this weeks goal to be 28 miles with a long run of 13 miles.... I am still trying to see which race I will use to get my first 50 mile Trail Race in. Kim says I should do Mohican in June. Its tempting. The family schedule might prevent it. We'll see. We may travel to California to visit our son, Joe, who boldly set out for L.A. 4 weeks ago and has already got a place and a job in the tv-film industry. I love his adventure-attitude. He is 26 and theres no time like RIGHT NOW to pursue your dreams. Face it, the perfect time never comes up.

This morning, I set out to run 7 miles at North Chagrin. I think you have read before how much I love this place.
It was cool and we had a bunch of rain the past few days and so I planned to stay on the Bridle Paths exclusively. I hardly ever run on the multi-purpose paved trails anymore, and lately I have "Gone off the Grid" and free lanced all the minor trails that go into the woods, with the many areas of soggy spots, and little bridges and steps and trees fallen over the tight little trails.
I began at a very easy pace and noted , how one of the creeks was running pretty well. I even heard it, which is a big deal for me. (I wear hearing aids when not training).

The 7 mile run would feature about 3,800 feet of climbing (and same of descending of course). The Bridle Path I was on is called NC2..its a 4.54 mile loop and goes by Squires Castle. I would tack on additional mileage to make the 7 miles.
About 35 minutes into the run is this creek and a stone walkway. The water was moving pretty good here.
Once past Squires and a little visit to the restroom, there is a switch back that has a very steep incline. I always try to attack this incline a couple of times a week.
All told, me and the Garmin 305 covered 7 miles. Nice and easy and 11 minutes per mile... Perfect way to start the day.

The Bride had personal training sessions with 3 different clients so I caught up on some blogs, facebook and twitter and then spoke before my dads Rotary club meeting. Now, I am writing quickly before heading to the Q to cover game 2 of the Cavs-Pistons. Speaking of the Cavs...the guys did a very cool take-off on the Heineken Commercial. Heres the link to it...
Later guys. Life's a Blast.


Missy said...

Great pictures! A trail might just be my next adventure...never done it and I'm skerd!

CNuk said...

I agree. That was the perfect way to start the day. :)

untpawgal02 said...

You definitely are now a trail boy. Glad you are enjoying the journey on the trails!

Shannon said...

This brought me JOY.."We may travel to California to visit our son, Joe, who boldly set out for L.A. 4 weeks ago and has already got a place and a job in the tv-film industry."

What an awesome kid you have there. I'm training my son/daughter now to never hold back and pursue life in a bold "with God all things are possible" kind of attitude.

BTW, I want to be a trail girl soon.

Wes said...

Come back to the pavement! oh, never mind :-)

Benson said...

Nice pictures. Reminds me of the days when mom would tell my and 2 brothers to "go outside and play". We'd usually end up in the hiking and running trails in the woods.

A perfect way to start your day indeed.

Kelli said...

Sounded like a perfect day for a run.

Brian said...

just don't let the ghosts at the castle get you

Kim said...

Another option could be a timed event-12 hour trail run at Bruceton Mills, WV.

My race report from there, as a reference: http://ultranewby.blogspot.com/2008/07/12-hours-of-big-bear-race-report.html

Rainmaker said...

3,800 feet in 7 miles? I didn't know they made mountains like that out there. Wow.

Good luck to your son!

Trishie said...

Great run and lovely pictures. ... I still think you should do the JFK 50 !