Sunday, March 29, 2009


Long time talk..hope all is well with you as the training and the racing start to ramp up this time of the year...

Work is crazy right now. The Cavs are playing their best basketball in years and the local Cleveland State Vikings made a short run in the NCAA tourney. Akron lost to Gonzaga in the first round.
Training is going steady...alot of interval work going on for me. I have gotten more of a hold on my eating habits and thats good. I am still slated to run the Fools 50 K trail race next Sunday, April. You may recall my 50k adventure in late January in lots of snow and tough conditions. This time, I believe I can answer the call and get the job done... Have been skipping rope like young Muhammad Ali. Love to do a 30 minute session with hard 30 seconds followed by 30 rest for ten minutes, then 40 seconds hard, followed by 20 seconds rest for ten more minutes and then 50 secs hard , with only 10 seconds rest for the final ten minutes... great, great workout. Still lifting and doing more and more core stuff. Will send you pics of my kneeling on the stability ball and doing lifting with a small 6 pound medicine ball. Love that.

With baseball right around the corner, I have a small story about one guy, who delivered when many others did not think he could...When many doubted him and this reporter would have to admit to being a skeptic as well. In spring, 08 I was in Florida and during my 3-4 days there, we interview tons of players for the Indians... Stars like Grady Sizemore, and the kids trying to make the team too. By the 4th day, we had to race to Orlando and catch our flight back. I had only 4 guys left to chat with.I did the first three but almost sluffed off talking to the 4th guy because I had a bad vibe on him, which wasn't really fair as he was always real good to me. But I knew his story. He was thought to be very stubborn and not taking to coaching that much. Or so we thought. He had been sent to the minors the previous summer for about 6 weeks because he was pitching bad and the team was trying to send him a message. When he returned from the minors, he was not even a factor as the Indians went to within one win of making the Series.
I interviewed him, and he said he was a different pitcher and that fans would see just that this season. He was battling two other guys for the final spot on the pitching roster. I thought nothing of this when I returned and as the season got underway.This guy believed in re-starts and believed in himself. He made the team, and proceeded to pitch "lights out". I mean , real lights out. He had a scoreless string. He made the All Star team. Quite literally he was the best pitcher in baseball. Maybe you have heard of 2008 American League Cy Young winner Cliff Lee!!???
I was with many who did not believe in him and I ate crow for it. Lee paid that no mind and totally transformed himself and the rest is history.
We all have doubts..about ourselves and others. Cliff Believed. You believe in yourself as an athlete or a coach and everything else doesn't matter. Have a great week and remember....Life's a Blast!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi folks....
Training has been sporatic this week for the Fools 50K race in less than 3 weeks. I feel I have enough of a base, but I am not really familiar with the course, so I hope to check it out in the next week or so. I just have not been as consistent with my training but offer no excuses. I will get it together.

Work has been really crazy with MAC Tourney hoops, the March Madness and the new Browns regime signing just about everyone who ever played for the Jets. I fully expect Emerson Boozer (real name, not made up) to join the team.

Since today is St. Patricks day, I figured a little story about, chance..about luck and about how its wild how things work out for some people. One might say theres a grand plan..others could say things just worked out this way.

The man was on the rebound from a coaching job where it was alleged he uttered a racial slur. Disgraced he returned home and looked for a job. His resume was pretty impressive, but, hey a racial slur is something that never goes away, right?? He didn't expect to get a college job but he felt safe in his home town and was coaching a parochial school that had a tremendous core of kids. One of the kids was incredibly talented and precocious...way beyond his years. Scouts thought the kid would one day be a star. So the coach guided the talented team and watched the young star blossom. He soon got a job as an assistant coach at the local University. The young star and his buddies won 3 State Titles and the young star headed to the pros.

Now, in the year 2009, as the head coach of the University, he guided his team to the finals of the league tourney. Incredibly the team no one thought could win it all...did..and the coach was cutting down the nets. But in the back of his mind, he knew how the chance teaming up with the young star and his buddies was a big reason why he was about to take his team to The Big Dance.
He brought up the fact that it was his teams 23rd win..and that it had been 23 years since they had been in the Big Dance and how it was ironic, because the young star he coached in high school, the one kid who in a short professional span had achieved worldwide fame and stardom also wore number 23 on his uniform. The coach stated this right after the game and he spoke further about it with yours truly on Monday Morning.

Keith Dambrot, Akron University coach felt the reason he was so successful after such shame was because of the kid, now a man...LeBron James. It was James, a black inner city kid from Akron who helped the short white middle aged coach get back on his professional feet. It is James who supplies gear and shoes for the school and is their biggest fan and it is Dambrot, who has never forgotten how chance or fate or luck brought him in contact with a talent who is not only a game changer..but apparently in this mans words...a life changer.

We all need second chances. Folks, I don't make this up.
Happy Training!!! Life's a Blast

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing J.T.

Hi again...
Training for the Fools 50 K has been going along. Thanks to E-Speed for some advice and to her article in Ohio Sports and Fitness which highlighted some very talented Masters mens endurance athletes. It was a great read and it really pointed out how many fast men in their late forties and beyond we have in Northeast Ohio.

Its March Madness time of the year. College hoops get to a frenzy and the NBA teams gear up for the playoffs. The Browns seem happy just signing former New York Jets as Eric Mangini shuffles the deck. More and more of my buddies, who had season tickets for the Browns are heavily weighing the virtue of re-upping. Most are way beyond the disgust level.

The Bride has been very busy with her training of clients. She is simply remarkable... With our busy schedules, we usually do get time to watch Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars together.
Some thoughts on Mondays premiere of the dancing show.
1. Lil Kim is very easy on the eyes..
2. Ty Murray, Jewel's love and the star Cowboy, sounds like the intern on 30 Rock
3. Wouldn't it be cool if they put a pommel horse out there for Shawn Johnson?
4. Steve-O should be commended for getting off drugs and his choppers are big enough to serve as piano keys.
5.The Bachelor gal who got stiffed, came on with 2 days practice and did great.
6. Denise Richards did have the "frightened deer in the headlights" look.
7. Lawrence Taylor might actually sack Bruno if he makes a crack about his dancing...

Thats it gang. Keep training. Good luck to those getting ready for the Half Iron in New Orleans...
Life's a Blast

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi there folks....its been quite awhile since I last posted.
Training has gone pretty well. Averaging 30 miles a week and lifting twice a week. I am still planning on running in the Fools 50K in early April. My longest run so far has been 13 miles....This weekend, I plan on a 15 miler. Have learned that I need to work on my Gu intake for longer runs.

The Bride and I went south to see some historical sights on a short little vacation. Visited, amoung other things, Belle Meade plantation and Hermitage (Andrew Jacksons plantation) We also ran into the national convention for the Wild Turkey Federation that was taking place at our hotel. 20,000 Turkey Hunters and turkey callers. It was hilarious.

At Belle Meade, one of the greatest stallions in history, Bonnie Scotland did his thing and produced many great horse racing champs. In fact, he holds the distinction of being one of only 3 or 4 horses to trace champion lines back to him.. Suffice to say, Bonnie Scotland had plenty of bullets in his pistol...if you get my drift. However Bonnie Scotland was kind of successful in England but an injury ended his racing career at the age of 3. He was sent to Belle Meade in 1873.

Iriquois was the first great American racing horse. Iriquois won the English Derby, the first American horse to do so. He was a celebrity. Ticker Tape Parade in New York when he returned. However, Iriquois could not measure up in the "stud" department like Bonnie Scotland. His legacy was that..wire to wire he could run like the wind. Bonnie Scotland was a good racing horse before his injury but not great, however his legacy was that his bloodline produced some of the worlds greatest horses...all the way to this day.

Iriquois was an immortal racer. He did not produce any great champions as a stud. Bonnie Scotland had the magic in the stall. Quirkly how things work out isn't it. Would you choose to be world famous as an athlete but not expand on your legacy or would you prefer to be low-key as an athlete but become world famouse years after your death??? Discuss!!!!
Keep training..good luck to all who are racing.. I promise to not be such a stranger...Life's a Blast!!