Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi there folks....its been quite awhile since I last posted.
Training has gone pretty well. Averaging 30 miles a week and lifting twice a week. I am still planning on running in the Fools 50K in early April. My longest run so far has been 13 miles....This weekend, I plan on a 15 miler. Have learned that I need to work on my Gu intake for longer runs.

The Bride and I went south to see some historical sights on a short little vacation. Visited, amoung other things, Belle Meade plantation and Hermitage (Andrew Jacksons plantation) We also ran into the national convention for the Wild Turkey Federation that was taking place at our hotel. 20,000 Turkey Hunters and turkey callers. It was hilarious.

At Belle Meade, one of the greatest stallions in history, Bonnie Scotland did his thing and produced many great horse racing champs. In fact, he holds the distinction of being one of only 3 or 4 horses to trace champion lines back to him.. Suffice to say, Bonnie Scotland had plenty of bullets in his pistol...if you get my drift. However Bonnie Scotland was kind of successful in England but an injury ended his racing career at the age of 3. He was sent to Belle Meade in 1873.

Iriquois was the first great American racing horse. Iriquois won the English Derby, the first American horse to do so. He was a celebrity. Ticker Tape Parade in New York when he returned. However, Iriquois could not measure up in the "stud" department like Bonnie Scotland. His legacy was that..wire to wire he could run like the wind. Bonnie Scotland was a good racing horse before his injury but not great, however his legacy was that his bloodline produced some of the worlds greatest horses...all the way to this day.

Iriquois was an immortal racer. He did not produce any great champions as a stud. Bonnie Scotland had the magic in the stall. Quirkly how things work out isn't it. Would you choose to be world famous as an athlete but not expand on your legacy or would you prefer to be low-key as an athlete but become world famouse years after your death??? Discuss!!!!
Keep training..good luck to all who are racing.. I promise to not be such a stranger...Life's a Blast!!


IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

I loved living in Nashville. You should have driven down the road to Franklin to see IronMissy (A legend in IM blogging circles, today, tomorrow, and forever).

Missy said...

IronBob, YOU are my new best friend;) Nashville rocks, I love it here.

I can't believe you didn't call, you didn't write...running on the Boulevard is famous around here. I could have even gotten you lost on the horse trails!

Melissa said...

Good question. I think I would prefer to be a good athlete rather than low-key and leave a great legacy..lol.. Life might not be as fun and we only get one shot!

Trishie said...

Famous while I'm living. Speaking of, where the hell are my fans?! hehe. good to see you JT !

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I vote for "none of the above"

I'd rather be known for things outside of being an athlete - like making a difference in the world or in the lives of kids or something.

beth said...

Belle Meade...in Nashville? my FAVORITE city (because i'm a COMMODORE!)...hope you had fun plantation-ing

Missy said...

Belle Meade Boulevard - it's only a 5ish mile loop but it is COVERED with runners most days. Pretty, safe if you can say safe from the Belle Meade cops that have their own patrol to ensure you are NOT running two abreast on the blvd. I'm NOT kidding. Was with a guy once that got ticketed, we were running 3 abreast. The horse trails are a no running zone buttt, everyone does and gives the horses the right of way.

Oh and I want to be famous now so I can live in all my glory;)

untpawgal02 said...

I'm just glad i'm good at being at an athlete that way I have no legacy that I have to leave! As always... love your posts JT :)

Shannon said...

Fun little trip you went on!

Your training looks great for that 50k coming up! You are a cute Stud too.

Bob Almighty said...

All Glory is fleeting...but I'd still want my 15 minutes of fame now rather than have my great great grandkids win Kona in under 8hours and not be around to see it.