Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hi everyone...17 days removed from the 50 mile ultra and I have been doing lots of weight lifting and a little elliptical work, but my left foot-ankle is still I am being very cautious.

I was going to start running Monday the 6th, but on Saturday night I was walking briskly from the studio to the control room at the station and I got some pretty intense I am backing off. I will go see a specialist.

But, while I was trying to get better I got the good news that my blogging buddy (actually he is buddy to many as he is well read) DONALD.. finished the incredibly tough Western States 100 Endurance Run.

That is Kona to triathletes. Carnegie Hall for pianists and Yankee Stadium to baseball players.

I might be somewhat new to ultra running, but I always credit Donald for his guidance into the ultra running world and for his ability to write very thoughtful pieces with humor and interest. He is a very good journalist, and if you visit his blog, you'll read about his experience in that very arduous race. Congrats Donald. And thanks for helping me get more and more into the trails, thanks to your writing.

Since he is a journalist, he might get a chuckle about my exchange with Shaquille Oneal when Shaq came to Cleveland for a press conference. Snippets were all over the media. Shaq was pretty funny. I think I was the 3rd reporter to get the mike before an overflow gym at the Cavs facility.

TRIGUYJT " John Telich Fox 8 ...Welcome to Cleveland...I'm shocked you are not tweeting up there on the dais?? Why not?? (Shaq is a big fan of Twitter)

SHAQ "Cuz I'm up here answering your question (laughter from everyone)

TRIGUYJT "Yeah, I appreciate you paying attention..(laughter). I notice alot of law enforcement people here today. Can you tell us what kind of involvement you will have here".?

SHAQ "I'm actually undercover here (laughter) I do have an interest and I will be looking into some things... but really..I'm just here for one thing. "Get a ring for the King". (applause..laughter)

and on and on the press conference went. As I have written before, its fun stuff and it will be pretty wild around here covering both LeBron and Shaq.

On the training front, our swim club at Fairport Harbor beach starts Tuesday the 7th...if you are in the Cleveland out... 7:30am. We have kayaks to assist people who might be intimidated by the open water. Usually, we swim about 1.5 to 2.0 miles..give or take a little yardage... After that, we have breakfast.

I have no idea what will be my next race...I just want to make sure the foot is better...My mom always said patience is a virtue and I am trying to practice that.

In the meantime..Life's a Blast!!!


Missy said...

I heard Western States was BRUTAL this year...and I'm not even an ultra runner! Congrats to Donald.

You're covering Shaq and all I got is the Steve McNair deal here in TN. Sad state of affairs that one is!

Take care of that ankle...a swim might just do you some good;)

IronBob said...

Shaq and Lebron better bring it home... eh??
I had a friend do WS 100. I think he checked into a mental institution after the race, but he is much better now.

Wes said...

Shaq is going to spice things up in Cleveland, fo sho!!! Sounds like the swim club came along just in time :-)

Kevin said...

Shaq's twitter feed is quite amusing. Hope your foot heals soon

Rainmaker said...

Wow, I hadn't seen the Shaq twitter link...that's pretty funny.

Donald said...

Hey - thanks for the props! It's always nice to hear that someone has been pulled along for a part of my journey. I'm pretty stoked that you've caught the ultra bug so well. Good luck to you with the 50M.

I've heard for many years that Shaq is the best quote in sports. The dude is just plain FUNNY. And wait 'til you see him dance. You're in a pretty plum sportscaster position right now, that's for sure.

Rachel said...

Wow. Congrats on your 50-miler. I would love to do one someday. And the Great Western States? I can only dream.