Thursday, December 3, 2009


LeBron James is a freak. Of course, having covered him since his high school days, I know what he can do. On Monday, after an interview, James grabbed a football and threw a cross court pass that went 94 feet and nothing but net. Maybe you saw it. Our camerman was the only shooter who keep rolling after LeBron ended the interview. Now everyone wants it.FOX8.COM LINK ESPN took it and made it one of the Top 10 Plays. Folks, I see this stuff just about every week. LeBron takes a medicine ball, weighing 16 pounds and makes a 3 point shot with it. He is amazing and yes, if he applied himself, he could make it in the NFL. But with all the concussion stuff going on, he would be insane to try it.

Having said that, let me lay on you this freaks training for the past few days..(Laugh out loud here folks)
Tuesday Dec 1.
30 minutes strong effort on spinning bike.

Weds Dec 2.
Run 4.5 miles on muddy trails at North Chagrin. In the middle, I did 5, one minute sprints with 2 minutes recovery. Try sprinting in mud and on a trail.. Not smart. But I did not wipe out.

Thursday Dec 3rd (today)
Skip Rope 5 times 1 minute hard with :30 sec rest
Skip Rope 5 times 1 minute hard with :15 secs rest
Superset 5 sets of 20 pushups, alternated with 5 sets 20 situps.
Bicep Curls 20 lbs dumbells 15 reps 5 sets
Skip Rope 5 sets of 2 minutes hard with :30 sec rest
40 pound weigh carry... 5 sets
5 up and back bounding in Training Room
Kneel on Stability ball 3 minutes using light medicine ball making odd movements to test balance..
Skip Rope 5 straight minutes.

Life's a Blast!!


Shannon said...

You Rock....I'll be posting that little gem on my blog next week. Lebron is amazing and that video makes me smile.

Happy Training Cutie Pie.

Wes said...

Crap. Can't get the vid at work, but Lebron is amazing, and you ain't so weak and foo foo yourself ;-)

Rainmaker said...

Wow, pretty incredible video. Oh - and I like your workout schedule, looks a lot like mine as of late...