Saturday, June 6, 2009


Training for the first ever attempt at running a 50 miler is going well. The only stick in the mud is I don't have a race that fits my I am working on that... I am really considering staging my own 50 conquest and will enlist the likes of my son, and others to run some of it with me.
Have been getting in some long Saturday runs and the cross training with weights, or balls or rope skipping has gone well too. Last week, when my son ran his 31.8 miles for his birthday, I got in one 16 miler and another 15 miler and other runs...... a total of 40 for the week.
This past week, I only totalled 27 miles...but got many of them this morning... 17.5 miles with Tim and also with Suzanne at North Chagrin. Both are running the Mohican 50 miler.

My Eat Clean approach has been great. 12 pounds lighter and its helping my ultra-training. I slipped a little the past few fact, right now I am eating a Hormel spaghetti dinner.... get this....1400 milligrams of sodium. Holy heart attack.
Its still possible my next race will be a triathlon. A sprint triathlon. I have done very little biking or swimming as I have been concentrating on upping the trail mileage.

I have tweeted about this book and I can't say enough about it. "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. (CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON REVIEW & Q AND A WITH AUTHOR) Very entertaining look at the Tarahumara runners of Mexico's Copper Canyon region and about how some elite runners competed against them. I have actually started re-reading the book, it was that good. I highly recommend it. He makes some good points about how man was designed to be a marathon machine..and how long distance running is the reason man is still many thousands of years ago..the only way to survive was to hunt the prey, by simply running it to death. He also makes the point that, although people think ultra runners are insane, they are simply doing what evolution has commanded them to efforts.
I think its a great book. No, I have never met the author, nor do I have any connection with him or the publisher. Any endurance athlete will read this book and I think see parts that resonate.
Next week, I will concentrate on some tempo runs.

Work is a little less insane, now that the Cavs were eliminated from the playoffs, but it seems, LeBron James is always in the news. Refusing to talk after the loss. Not shaking hands and then having surgery on his mouth. I said on the air, he should have been more gracious in defeat, but lets not make this look like he caused the swine flu. He apologized and I think he will grow from the experience.
Keep Training.. Life's a Blast.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I have to say, having just cycled 50 miles today (and being wiped out as a result of it) I think you are CrAzY to want to run that far. Crazy in a good way, though. :-)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I have to agree with Lisa. I have been off the bike for a while and I did 25 miles yesterday and my legs keep reminding me of it.

Now I am off for an hour run.

Greg said...

Thanks for posting info about the book, sounds great, it's next on my list!


triguyjt said...

you will love it!!

Missy said...

Oh, great a tri in your future!?!?! Yay, just did my first sprint in a lonnnng time. You know what - VERY fun. Great change of pace from those long efforts.

I need to get the book! Sounds like work is getting in the way of your good too!

Donald said...

That book's on my wish list, for sure. The only trick is to find the time to read it!

Rainmaker said...

Great to hear the new nutrition scheme is doing great things for you. Congrats, that's a lot of progress!