Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know you are shocked.. Yes, I am posting again. Its been too long.

I cranked up my training mileage to 30 miles two weeks ago. Ran Half of the Bad Ass 50k as my work schedule only allowed me to be at the trail for about 3-4 hours...hence only half done. However, given my coming back from injury and other factors, I must admit, the 50 K would have been near my limits..

My goal of running the Burning River 100 mile Ultra marathon next Aug is what is motivating me to work on other aspects of my conditioning that could serve as an aid when the going gets tough. Hence, my embracing the Cross-fit, slash boot camp style of training. Google Crossfit and you will see many sites and ways to skin the cat... I have written several workouts WOD's . Heres an example of one I did this morning.

5 Rounds (time yourself for the entire workout.)

Skip Rope 100 hops
Pushups- 20
Situps 20
Carry 2, 45 lbs Olympic Barbell plates across Fitness Room and back (60 feet each way. do 3 laps)
20 Medicine ball overhead tosses. (ball is 12 lbs)
Bicep Curls dumbells strict 15 reps 20 lb dumbells
15 Squats.

I did the first one in about 5:30..the second about 6:00 and kept the pace pretty even the rest of the way. I took a real quick water break after 2 rounds. Finished the 5 rounds in 27:30. Great workout. Stretched to finish out.

My goal is to do 2 of these kinds of workouts per week, but also to get those long runs on the weekends. I will also be swimming more, as I still want to do a couple triathlons next season. The ultimate goal is to do the 100 miler, then in the next season, return to do an Ironman distance triathlon. Its been 8 years since I did an Ironman.

My weight right now is 198, but to accomplish the 100 mile goal, I will have to be under 180.

Work has been very busy. High School Football is in the final two weeks. The Browns have been missing in action most of the year and the Cavs are almost done with thier first month of the season.. In fact, in a couple of minutes I will be heading to Cavs practice.

Have a Great Week and Happy Thanksgiving. Life's a Blast


Lily on the Road said...

Well Hello stranger!

Sounds as though you have a very busy 2010 ahead! Good for you...

Wes said...

Happy Thanksgiving! 100 mile races are freakishly awesome and insane!!! Good luck!!!

Missy said...

Holy crap 100 miles?!?! Yeah, insanity! Sounds like you've got a good base going. Ive heard great things about some crossfit action - short, hard, to the point. I kinda like that. Mmmm...

Xavi Garcia said...

Wow....this is a real challenge!!

Good luck! Mine are easier...but who knows may be one day!!!hahaha just kidding!

"XTB" Xavi.

Shannon said...

Awesome on the Cross-fit"eque" workouts. I've been incorporating it in my training as well.

Happy Thanksgiving cutie pie.

Rainmaker said...

What's funny is on Tuesday I almost poked you and said "What's up!?!", but then figured I'd do it over the weekend instead. But ya posted - so all is good now!

Coach Emond said...

Do you have any issues with tendonitis? If so, how do you deal with it?