Saturday, September 5, 2009


A gorgeous morning on Lake Erie got even better for me Saturday am. I went to a place in Willoughby called.."Just add Water", which mostly caters to scuba divers.

I had heard you can purchase prescription goggle lenses...kinda like when you go to Walgreens and find those reading glasses. I asked the guy to let me test out the different strengths of lenses and find the ones that fit my blind eyesight.....haha!!

It took awhile, but we got the formula and put the goggles together.. Best thing was each lense was about 8.50 and the actual strap and middle plastic was about 7-something.. got everything for about 25 bucks.. Great goggles....and...of the water...I longer.......Blind!!!!!!!!!

So, I went to the Lake. I always have my swim stuff in the trunk.(what triathlete doesn't right,??) I hopped in and cruised along the shore for about 40 minutes. It was amazing!!! First of all, Lake Erie is very clean, a far cry from when I was a kid. Now,!! I was watching little fishes swim around, as I cut through the water....

What a great way to spend part of your Saturday.
Saturday afternoon, I got to the station a bit early so I could get much of my work done, producing the sports I anchor.(7pm eastern, after Fox Baseball). That way, I could go up on the roof of Fox 8 and watch the Thunderbirds perform in the Cleveland National air show.. I never tire of watching those amazing machines..
On Friday, I got in a very strong 1 hour, 15 minute run on the trails. I did 10 sets of hill sprints of 30 seconds up..and jog back.. Good workout!!.
Life's a Blast!!


Missy said...

Wow, sounds like some great workouts! Trail sprints, ouch, never heard of such a thing but I suppose you have to do it!

Yeah, love those planes.

Trishie said...

Awesome !

Rainmaker said...

Sounds like a great swim. Plus, you can't beat watching the t-birds (or Blue's for that matter). Lucky you.

Mary said...

Hi! Wrote you awhile back but finally here in Ohio. I'm being a blog stalker and checking out some of your old posts on good places to train and race in the area :)

Wes said...

Being able to see while swimming does have it advantages! Very kewl!!!

tinaparker87 said...

pictures are amazing. Seeing is a good thing!