Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi again,

Got in a one hour trail run this morning and thus, a very good week of workouts and keeping with a better eating plan. I confess, I did a one day liquids only fast last Sunday and that got me back on track a bit.

Last night was our first Friday Night Touchdown Night over high school football coverage. We cover 20 games..using 7 cameras and its an wild scene, especially when everyone gets back in the building around 10p and has 35 minutes to edit..write etc all the highlights. My 3 games were all affected by thunderstorms...postponements..delays...etc. Crazy night but we hit the air and knocked it out of the park.

I read a short piece in Sports Illustrated about ultra marathoner ArthurWebb. He has run 12 straight Badwater Ultra marathons. He is 67. He is my new role model.. hahaha. Badwater is the 135 mile race from Death Valley to an elevation of 8,500 feet. Run in a furnace for about 2-3 days and thats Badwater. Arthur had a quote I love. "I'd rather die living, than live dying" I think that sums up many of us endurance junkies. Any one of us could be smoked right in the middle of a race or a workout. I look back on Daryl Kollai, who at age 53 last year died on a training bike workout. Live your life to the edge...and hey, you'll love the view"

Speaking of Daryl. Kim Shaheen, who trained alot with Daryl, is racing Ironman Louisville. No doubt she will be thinking of our late friend when she crosses the line and hears.."You are an Ironman" Good luck to all who are racing.

Life's a Blast

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Rainmaker said...

Interesting, I'll have to pickup the SI tomorrow on my flight back to read the article.