Saturday, January 22, 2011

Iditarod for Humans

Shocked aren't you??? I have posted twice now in 4 days. The recent post, which came after six months off..dealt with a rope skipping workout I did. Intense..but well within the realm of "Giving everything you have, but wanting more"
Today, I drove to the Brecksville Reservation to catch up with old buddies, whom I have raced with in some triathlons. Dynamic couple..Eric and Aimee. Each is an Ironman, and cool folks. Aimee is the "Snow Queen" as she, Eric and Dale helped me learn some of the trails a few years ago in the CVNP when I got into trail running. Also today, we ran with Tina, a cancer survivor and Deb.
Started at the Station Road Trail Head. -4 Degrees when we got going. Trails had lots of snow and the cross country skiers had knocked down some of the snow. I wanted to do close to two hours, but was just along with the gang and not being technical about anything... It was a good time. Eric, whom I nicknamed Yellow Buck because of his jacket, had a way of running ahead of us, then because the trails in the woods were serpentine, he would amazingly appear out of nowhere. Took me a bit to realize he was darting through the deepest woods, probably ticking off the deer, who I joke are probably distant cousins... We were out about an hour and 20 to 30 minutes..navigating was slow due to the snow, but it was great!! Some coffee and a breakfast sandwhich at Paneras and it was a good, good morning..
Still mulling over race plans. One of my co workers, Doug is getting into Triathlons this year and I think is racing at Wendys in Columbus early in the season. It will be his first. I was thinking that could be a good race to do....(done it before) and would give me chance to give Doug any pointers..last minute, or ease any worries.. We'll see.
Toodles. Life's a Blast

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