Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Greetings from the abyss.

I am back to blogging. Its been awhile. I will try to post twice weekly, and the missives might be more brief. Its my own shrinkage thing, I guess. The last 3 months have been pretty eventful for our family as my Mom took ill and passed away on Nov 21st. We stayed at hospice for the better part of 5 weeks until she went to meet her Lord and Saviour. I am at peace because Mom so very much was a woman of faith. She lived it. I humbly try to follow her example.
However, the working out was pretty consistent but the diet suffered a bit. Hey, it was also the Holidays. For about a month, I have been really strong in my workouts and am still pointing towards a couple of ultra marathons on the trails.. 2-3 triathlons, and I might even toss in a 10 mile plus open water swim.
As I mentioned, I will keep you up to date on workouts and goals. I will also detail, on occasion some of the behind the scenes things that go on when one reports and anchors the sports on television. I am now in my 31st straight year here at Fox8 in Cleveland. Folks tell me thats some kind of record. They also say I am insane for covering losers for so long!!
This week I did my second workout using the suspension training called TRX. I will detail one of the classes soon. For now, heres a sampling of one rope skipping workout I did just this morning. (1-19-11) (Note the bermuda shorts!! Its Not what you wear, its what You Do!!
Warm up 10 minutes straight..medium tempo
Do 10 sets of :30 seconds MAX intensity with :60 REST.
3 Minutes easy skipping.
Then, do 5 sets of :30 seconds MAX intensity with :30 Rest
2 minutes easy skipping
5 minutes strong tempo, then cool down....
Thats it folks. Good luck with your training and racing..
Life's a Blast


Kim said...

Good to hear from you again! Keep up the good training! Hope to see you on the trails sometime!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your loss...and am looking forward to your future posts..

Lily on the Road said...

JT, I couldn't believe when I saw you on my sidebar.

Praise be to God for taking your Mom to his side, but I am so sorry to read of your loss.

Welcome back and yes, life is a blast and fun if you don't weaken.

Mnowac said...

JT - glad to see you back and so so sorry to hear about your mom passing. I'm glad you got to be there with her at the end.