Monday, December 31, 2007

How was YOUR first???

Do you remember your first???
I do. The day was hot. As the day wore on, I felt the heat but I was excited. I was mostly excited because I did it all by myself!!!!
It was 1985. I knew the day was going to happen, but I never thought I would be in that kind of competition.

I just had to do it. But, who in their right mind would want to do this sort of thing??
The "thing" was a triathlon. I had been running marathons, and 10k's but there was something cool about attempting a "swim, bike, run" competition.

The reason I ask this question to you is that there is some kind of beauty in doing a tough-discipline based competition for the first time.

The butterflies. The nervous-ness. "Did I train enough??".

My first race was so long ago, I don't even have pictures. I do however have pics from when my son raced for the first time this past June. He didn't say much. I knew he was nervous. The water gave him pause. He was not sure how he would fare.

But he did very well and I was very proud. He has since raced two more times and he has the bug. Plus, he can smoke his old man pretty good.

As the new year breaks, I wish many "first times" for all of my blogging buds, and first for many of you who email me and read my little missives each time. Maybe you have your first marathon. Your first ultra, your first 100 mile bike ride. Maybe its the first time you try to get into your wetsuit.

2008 can mean for many of you an incredible journey is just getting better and more exciting.

Triathlon has opened doors and opened eyes for me. The sport has given me sooooo much more than I have given it.
May you get out of all that you expect out of your racing in 2008.

See you at the races.

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tracie said...

What an awesome post! I hope that you and your son continue pushing each other while training and completing the many Tris of 2008 and those to come!