Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Cleveland, Ohio (A.P.)

The world is a bit puzzled lately, witness Matt Dillon's face. Why oh why is triguyjt so slow in announcing his racing schedule for 2008.

Seems the wily veteran triathlete is hitting a milestone this year and he wants an event to commemorate the occasion. Trouble is...the confused, fuddling, fifty-something--er can't decide how to celebrate the date, June 17th.

Thats when he hits the "speed limit birthday". The double nickel. the Big Five-Five. 55 year ago, he got his first spanking at Euclid General Hospital. Ten pounds. Thats alot of baby.

He's open to anything. At first, he thought he could break the day down thus. 5 mile swim. 30 mile bike. 20 mile run. The run would be on a trail he loves..North Chagrin. The swim would be in beautiful, non toxic...earthquake suseptible Lake Erie. The Bike??? Uhh most likely around North Chagrin. But actually there is no known agenda at this time.

Since he has sworn off coffee but is not quite ready to be called JTea, he thought he could run past 55 different Starbucks locations, maybe run inside and collect a bag of ground beans. Then, at the end of the event, he'd look like a sherpa at base camp in the Himalayas.

His Bride is a Pilates Instructor. He thought of doing 55 straight hours of Pilates class but the Bride would have none of that. So he is asking, once again for bloggers to bail him out.

Whatever he comes up with, he doesn't want to muck up some of the events he has tentatively planned to race. Such as the Mountaineer Half Iron, and the Great Cleveland Half Iron.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. J.T. will have a committee of 3 career advisors helping him make up his mind. Said advisers are shown below at work.

Meanwhile, he reports his training is going well, cept for his right hammy, which sounds like the AFLAC Duck every time he stretches, and an aching heel that requires an orthotic made out of recycled T.V. Guides.

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Hi There, its me. Now, just because I jumped in frigid Lake Erie Jan 1st (see post January 1st) doesn't mean I love to frolic in the frigid climes. So thats why this story about Josh Brown of the Seahawks caught my eye. (link) He will taunt Green Bay's Lambeau Field by wearing heated pants this weekend. I'm sure all you Upper Midwest guys think he's just the biggest wuss around. I hope his batteries don't freeze up. Won't Packer fans give him grief?? "Hey Josh, is that a battery in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"? I mean, this is like going out to start the car 20 minutes before you drive to work in winter.
Happy Training.


tracie said...

there are sooo many great races!!! in june especially. there are a couple of sprints before and after your bday and then there is a duathlon in willoughby i think the day of your big day!

OR you could shake things up a bit and just have a crazy fun time at this one ;)
Lovelands Amazing Race

i'm sure you of all people will think of something exciting to do! just make sure you tell us all about it :P

Marcy said...

You're too hardcore for me ;-) (all the triathletes are hehe) I couldn't come up with anything fitting enough. Although a 55 mile ultra sounds nice, doesn't it? :P

Rainmaker said...

Thanks for the comments!

Running past 55 Starbucks locations sounds pretty cool actually. Mind wanna get on that one soon - considering they announced a day or so ago they're closing some.

Go Seahawks!

RunBubbaRun said...

I think you go to 5 different starbuck, drink 5 different venti somethings, and take a pic with 5 different baristas and post it in your blog.. That would be fun and be wired up all the same time..

Triteacher said...

I Googled June 17, 2008 and hit upon an ageing conference somewhere in Europe, but I don't know you well enough to make that joke, so I won't. ;)

Do let us know what you dream up.

Charlie said...

GCT and mountaineer offer 55 miles plus one for good luck on the bike.

I will be in morgantown with you and singing again at the GCT finish line.
Should be a great year for landmark birthdays.

Anonymous said...

Like Marcy, I was thinking you could run 55 miles. But, anything including a Starbucks sounds fun, too!

Clot Buster said...

Thank you for looking into my blog. I've done both of the races you are thinking of doing and both are great. I will be in Cleveland this year again for the GCT, altough I am not doing the half this year I will be there for the Olympic race and of course to have a kick ass raffle to raise funds for NATT and our goal to educate about blood clots and blood clotting disorders. HUGE milestone to turn 55 this year. CONGRATULATIONS and I hope to see in Cleveland in August.

Eric said...

I've been slow to add my 2 cents. I will be the voice of reason here.

How heavy do you really want to get right before Mountaineer? I know it sounds cool but running more than 10 miles right before the half would probably do more damage than good. How about 2 miles swim, 43 mile bike, 10 mile run. Starbucks, pictures and good times mixed in.

Keep us updated and you may even get some company.

Brian said...

I'm not sure I could ever give up my caffeine fix. In the am when I get to work I can barely tie my shoes without my caffeine, and they are slip ons.