Friday, January 4, 2008

Beans, Beans, Nothing But Beans

My Dearest Blogging Buddies.

My nearly 3 week rejection of coffee and most all things caffeine has caused some negative feedback from the blogosphere. Many people have emailed me and asked that since its been a while without caffeine, my dreams have gotten boring. Seems many liked the fact that my caffeine deprivation tactic the first week had my brain working overtime, thinking of wild and incredible scenarios. It was a dream smorgasboard. Some found it humorous.

I told you about Juan Valdez, Mrs. Folger and my Bride and the coffee beans. On top of that, there were the Amish men rebuilding my roof and the Bob Vila imposter. Ohh, did I forget the therapy with Dr. Phil??
But since that week, the dreams have gone underground, become muzak to my psyche. They are, dear bloggers very mundane dreams. I hit the rack, snore like a 747 and simply wake up. NOTHING happens. Not even, Bill Gates wearing a tutu, while downloading the latest Windows Vista.

I will say this, the snoozing J.T. dreams may have gone south, but the AWAKE J.T. has become more crazy.
Here are just a few of the things I have done since I caused the behemoth coffee company to become Sleepless in Seattle.

*I jumped in the Lake, with only my heavily clothed bride to save me. (see previous post). That was stupid.
*I taught a goat sign language.
*I was the warm up act for Hannah Montana.
*I finished research into how Crabs feel about all the Imitation Crab Meat on the market.
*I climbed Mount Everest while wearing flip flops.
*I learned to fly a helicopter...during my lunch break.
*I signed up to train Macca.
*I dunked on LeBron James.
Fairly wild stuff. Meanwhile, the siren song of the coffee beans has been doing a dastardly thing. Its taunting me. Teasing me about the wonderful taste of the beans roasted, and brewed. I am resisting with herculean effort. But ohhh...those beans are flirters. They are tenacious. I fear if I give in, then, my life will be once again out of control.
So, dear bloggers...I desperately need help. Help me!!!
P.S. On another note...The 2008 Race schedule is close to being finalized. I'll keep you Perking...I mean...posted.


IronJenny said...

Hi - and thanks for stopping by my blog!
Can you drink decaf and at least enjoy the roasted aroma?

Kim said...

You are far braver than I. I'm happy to just be able to cut my coffee consumption down to 3 cups a day right now!

Anonymous said...

I gave up coffee was not pretty.

Marcy said...

You gave up coffee?!? You are a brave, brave man. Better you than I LOL. There is a hot pot within arms reach at all times for me.

Eric said...

No sympathy from me on the coffee because I've never been a slave to the bean.

However, I am looking forward to seeing what your race schedule looks like.

Oh....and how did you get the gig opening up for Hannah Montana? Way cool.

Benson said...

Holy crap dude. Stay strong on kicking 'the bean'.
I get wacked out dreams when I eat anything with peppperoni in it for dinner.
Pizza, salad, calzone etc. Try it and maybe some neato dreams will come back.

kt said...

Wow, I am sure that Hannah Montana was stoked! =0)

Good luck keeping up with the coffee-free lifestyle. I also don't do any caffine but never have.

Good luck in 08, I am looking forward to seeing your race schedule.

tracie said...

you will survive!!!!! hang tough JT! :)

Stef said...

I would have a hard time giving up coffee, but understand why someone would. I just love it so much! :-) Perfect pairing with my journaling in the morning.

Thanks for checking out my blog. My father is from Cleveland and I was raised as a Browns fan. I must say though I stopped following football in general and the Browns in particular quite a few years ago. Too stressful . . .

Cliff said...

I will drink coffee on your behave :)..

I am average one cup a day. The fresh grind beans are simply too good.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I gave up coffee for the majority of 2007, but slipped back into old habits when the weather got chilly. What can I say, a warm cuppa java with added peppermint mocha flavority just hit the spot on a cold snowy afternoon. Now I'm gonna have to quit all over again. DRAT!

tri-mama said...

hang in there- in a few weeks you will get your taste buds back and wonder why you ever drank it in the first place :-)

I've got a football game to watch though-go OSU!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Was another dream that the Buckeyes won National Championship???? Uh no...since they can't seem to!

chris and sarah said...

Cool. My wifes family lives there and we just love it. We go whenever we can. Its a great city to visit, pre and post Katrina. We will be doing some volunteer work while we are there. Just doing what we can to help out.


Thanks for checking out my blog

TrainingtoTri said...

Hey JT - yeah we both take it, he doesn't teach it. It's just an 1.5 hour power yoga class. I have taken the hot yoga (birkham), but personally couldn't handle it, I got really sick, I have a low threshold for heat and doing inversions in heat - noooo.

TriSaraTops said...


Gave it up during pregnancy, but now me and my daily cuppa joe are best friends again.

chris and sarah said...

Bloggers are allowed to write in broken sentences from time to time. Its ok...really. =0)

Im a sweater. Not by choice. I sweat profusely when i run. I love these shorts because theyve kept me the driest so far. I hate having overly active sweat glands.

Well...if you keep swimming in that lake, im sure you will grow an extra appendage at some point.