Friday, February 15, 2008


One of my blogging buddies, Tracie had a recent post where she pondered just how some people had found her blog. She has that tracking service that breaks all the visits down. I find it amazing that technology is such that we can do such a thing. I have yet to subscribe as does Tracie, but I am tempted. However, I work at a t.v. station and we live and die by the ratings. And we break those ratings down into demographics. For much of my career I have not worried about how these things are rated, figuring if I just do my job, everything will take care day of itself.
Believe me, if our ratings tanked, I would certainly feel the heat. But I have been fortunate to have worked 28 years now in one place. I know thats not common, and if I sweated the ratings, I think it would affect my work. I also think if I knew where or how people were finding my blog, I would write differently. Perhaps. Maybe. No, most likely. But I can have some fun.
So in the event people need any help in searching the internet for something to read, I give you a dream I may, or may not have had last night.

As the result of hives I got from a bee STING, I missed a workout. I told my bride I was stung, and she said "U2"?? I said yes, so she told me of a remedy. "Fix some asparagus SPEARS. They will be a good medicinal weapon, but if the bee STING starts swelling, then you should LANCE it" The SPEARS didn't work so she tried to LANCE it. The pain was so intense, I jumped like I was shot out of a CANON. After awhile, I felt fine and was very hungry, so went to a new restaurant in town, the KOBE Steak SHAQ. There two of these in world. One in Cleveland, and the other in PARIS, next to the HILTON hotel. They serve steaks with crushed MACCA-damian nuts in them. The waiter told me if I ordered rare "THERE WILL BE BLOOD". I said no problem. All in all a great dinner but the bride , then wanted to go shopping. MACYS had a sale on dresses, but the bride LOST her mind and bought 27 DRESSES.

I woke up in a cold sweat.
The sporting world lost a great man this week. Longtime Cleveland Plain dealer sportswriter Chuck Heaton died at age 90. He was the most professional, courteous, and nicest of people any owner or athlete or fan would ever want to know. He was placed in 9 different Halls of Fame. More than 50 years, he wrote about the Browns, Indians, Cavs, college, high school and much more. He even wrote about my dad, a champion discus thrower in the 19040's and then wrote about yours truly when I began at Channel 8 many moons ago. Many will know him as the father of actress Patty Heaton (Everyone Loves Raymond) and columnist Michael Heaton (Plain Dealer). I knew him as a warm, fair minded reporter who always knew the story was king. Today, many in the business aren't wired that way.

May you all have a great day with excellent workouts.


Eric said...

That dream sequence was awesome. Can't wait to see who visits your blog now.

IronMatron said...

Am I missing some trick with the dream sequence? The caps make me think I just don't get it.... hmmm.

I just tagged you. It's a pain, but I think you should do it anyway!

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Viv said...

LOL! You are gonna be getting a few hits now. I wonder who does look in our blogs, but too cheap to spend bucks for the tracking. Well, not cheap rather spend it on some other stuff for me.
Have a great weekend!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Interesting dream commentary. Yep, me thinks that will create some new hits. :)

tracie said...

LMAO over the dream sequence! :)

Very nice tribute to CH! Thanks for sharing!

tracie said...

p.s. you can get a free stat counter @ StatCounter - that's where mine is from

Donald said...

Excellent dream sequence. You should put a few double-entendre sexual terms in there like "screw" or "jimmy" to reach a wider demographic.

Site meter is cool - free and user friendly. It's easy to waste time inside the numbers, though - like we need another place to waste time.

Anonymous said...

Funny dream sequence!!

I also use and easy to use :)

Have a great weekend, too!

Smithposts said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! Interesting working through the Dreamland sequence. Looks like Lance and Britney received double billings. "It's a beautiful day" so have a great weekend

Smithposts said...

That would be Britney Spears! Wrong Spears??

Patricio said...

NICE!! Loved it, great stuff triguyjt!
Thanks for your visit to my blog too!

Charlie said...

That was sad to see Chuck Heaton had died.
I am glad you carry on that legacy of being "wired that way".
I was raised to respect this brand of journalism.
Keep it up John. I know the old school guys respect the way you present the story. I have to believe Chuck was glad to see you carry that torch.

TrainingtoTri said...

Lol, I still can't get over the fact that someone came to my blog b/c they googled - I'm jocking on your bitch ass - too funny. Hope you get some new visitors w/that dream sequence.


B Bop said...

The stat counters are fun. Not only can you write a dream sequence to gain more hits, but some stranger can make a connection to your blog that you NEVER thought would have been related. A very enjoyable (additional) waste of time, indeed.

Wonderful tribute to Mr. Heaton.

Wes said...

ROFL!!! Very, very funny! You missed a few choice ones though involving procreation and mechanical aids :-)

Marcy said...

LMAO!! You know you want Sitemeter, it's free!

Lana said...

Love the dream - you should get some interesting ratings now!

IronJenny said...

I have sitemeter, too... I've only perused my results once when I got a mean anonymous comment.