Sunday, February 3, 2008

Steelman and Iron-grandson

Above, a serene moment. A Grampa and his grandson. For more on that, continue reading please. but first, I have some unfinished business to attend to.

No Lie, I Tri

Hello there, rap artist/sportscaster/triathlete/father of 3 here. Thanks for checking out my silly little triathlon rap. I appreciate all the comments. Miss the post?, just scroll down, its the most previous post. Many think I should blow it up..put it to video. Some want me to bling it out...get women in the background. Charlie says "don't go gangsta" on us. I put a call into Russell Simmons, but Richard Simmons called back. So I tried Jay Z. No luck, must have been busy with Beyonce. Ask LeBron to hook you up, you say??? I say no thanks, I still have to cover the guy for my job. Maybe I could get Norman Stadler to rap in German, or how about Macca ???? Hummm!!!!

Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent were linked to steriod use. Maybe they could relate to the physical torture we endurance athletes go through. Its a thought. But for now, the No Lie I Tri verse is.....just that....verse. We will see. Wheres Vanilla Ice when you need him most???

My "Bucket List" post got lots of people to think outside the box. I promised to list an "Endurance" related Bucket here goes.

1. Race the Ironman at Kona
2. Run Mohican 100 miler
3. Swim across Lake Erie.
4. Bike across America to fund raise.
5. Do Western States 100
6. Swim Escape from Alcatraz
7. Swim around Manhattan Island
8. Get my Olympic Distance under 2:40
9. Climb up Empire State Building
10. Run from Cleveland to Columbus for chartity

Race For Gramps

Many of our triathlon community race to raise money. Its commendable. TriBoomer, CurlySu. Kona Shelley is helping a triathlete from Cuba get the right gear, etc. There are so many more.

Then, there is Kaleb Kaschalk. He is racing at Ironman Nice, France in June to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. He will be racing to honor his grampa, who died of cancer in 2006. Thats Kaleb on Gramps chest for a double-snooze fest about 18 years ago. Kaleb saw his gramp, a longtime worker at LTV Steel, shrink from the disease and wanted to do anything physically to help him fight the horrible cancer. Still, Gramp passed and Kaleb has taken up the cause. Kaleb is unique because on June 22, 2008 he will only be 2 months past his 19th birthday. Many have told him he is too young to try an Ironman. He makes this point. In France, the minimum age to attempt an Ironman is 19, yet you can drink at 16 and vote at 18. We have exchanged e-mails and I am looking into doing a story on him for our local news. Any encouragement you can give Kaleb would be appreciated. I think its very admirable what he is doing. An Ironman is a tremendous undertaking and he does not take this lightly. Want to chat up Kaleb??? heres his email. Kaleb is a freshman at Youngstown State U. majoring in criminal justice. He wants to become a police officer in Cleveland.

Here is Kaleb's donation page link Any donations would be greatly appreciated

So, there you have it, my friends of cyberspace. Check back here.. I have a huge confession to make in my next post.


Charlie said...

I have one more endurance event I would like to see from you.
Cover a browns season thru February. I know it is a long season, but you can do it.

Hats off to Kaleb, at 19 I could have never imagined doing Ironman. I can't wait to see the story. Keep us posted of when it will air.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Charlie must be a Browns fan!! :) Please keep us posted in reference to Kaleb.

To answer your question: Miami Vice on DVD.

triguyjt said...

i have covered cavs through mid june...tribe deep october...btowns are next. good suggestion

Brian said...

I like charlie's idea of the brown thru feb.

As for the endurance race bucket, I think you have that pretty much covered with all the top ones.

Not sure why anyone would have a problem with a 19 year old doing it. I'd rather try it at 19 then at 79 or even later.

As for the rap video you could have an open casting call. I bet you'd have a ton of people actually show.

Eric said...

Looking forward to your next post.

Sounds like Post Secret, JT style.

In the Bucket list, are you climbing the Empire State Building inside or outside?

Wes said...

It would be an honor some day, to meet up and check off one of those items on the list, as a side note, of course. :-)

rocketpants said...

great list there! That's great to hear about Kaleb's desire to raise money and race IM at 19.

Rainmaker said...

Awesome list, there are some incredible races and events in there. And a confensional in the next post? Even better.

Kaleb said...

Hey everybody! Thanks to John for giving me a shout out! I have a fundraising page at

Check out the video of Jimmy V for some inspiration. I appreciate all of the encouragement.

-God Bless

Charlie said...

Steroid use in the music industry makes me wonder what would happen if the Rock Hall denied entry for drug use.
The list of inductees would look like this.
1. Frank Zappa

UntPawGal02 said...

Looks like a good little Endurance bucket list to me! Running from Cleveland to Colombus... thats' pretty cool!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Cleveland to Columbus?!? Ugh--I don't even like to think about riving between those two cities!! But if it raises some money, AWESOME!!

Donald said...

Pretty impressive bucket list there. How long are those swims - around the island and across the lake?

Thanks for the lead on Kaleb. Best of luck to him.

RunBubbaRun said...

I like your bucket list.. Especially the Ultra stuff.

Thats very commendable of such a young person to attempt a feet like that. I have seen 19 yr olds compete in 50 mile Ultra races..

I think it is never to young (for the most part) or to old to do things you are paasionate about.

Marcy said...

Oooooo I love me some secrets!! Can't wait to hear the dish!

Climb up Empire State building, huh? Sounds good to me ;D

That is awesome about Kaleb. Gosh, at 19 my head was so far up my butt LOL

Meggan Ann said...

You guys rock. I love your blog.

triguyjt said...

donald... swim around manhattan..18 miles, i believe and all the mob dumped bodies you can swim around

props to kaleb-i put a link to his donation page in the post..
marcy--kaleb said he will climb the eiffel tower before he does the ironman.

bubba--i must be getting my ultra on!!!
meggan ann-thanks for stopping by

supalinds said...

Ughhh...that is one hell of a bucket list! Makes me tired just reading it.