Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Florida Buzz

Hi gang.. back from sunny Florida. Got in a couple of decent runs, 2 elliptical workouts and alot of ground covered walking all over the Indians complex in Winter Haven, Florida. Basically, you have an agenda. Interview 40 players. Get video of all of them. Blog for myfoxcleveland.com , chart all the interviews and then edit them...drive to the Tampa Fox affiliate and feed back to Cleveland. Its great fun. Saw several games, including a pair with the Tigers. Indians and Detroit should battle for the division title.
Shot a story in Clermont, Florida which reminded me that the Great Floridian Triathlon is contested there. By the way, its pretty hilly, which I had not figured. My swim buddies from Fairport Harbor, Karen, Eddie and Juan, competed at the Great Floridian. However, my reason for being there was much more sobering. 15 years ago, a tragic boat crash claimed the lives of 2 Indians pitchers. Steve Olin and Tim Crews. It was dusk, they were skimming quickly over the water and they never saw a boat dock. Horrific. It was eerie to walk on that dock and to revisit the scene. My story on that airs late March.

Caught up with an old colleague of mine, Vince Cellini.
He's an anchor with the Golf Channel. Talk about incredible gigs. Watch golf. Talk about it. Not that I'm not blessed to do what I do. Vince was the first intern I had at Channel 8, back in 1982. We have kept in touch all the years since he left the station for CNN back in 1989. When you get down to it, we are just two kids from Collinwood and Euclid, Ohio.

Saturday night at a famous steakhouse in Orlando. All of a sudden, the place is abuzz. Kids are getting up from their tables. Cellphone cameras pop out.

The Hulkster, Hulk Hogan was in the house. He paraded by with an entourage of 8. Could only imaging how big the porterhouse was that he ordered.

If you've followed this blog, you may be aware how I gave up coffee, only to fall back on my wicked ways. I am at bliss with one Grande cup of joe from the folks in Seattle. Joe Borowski, the relief pitcher for the Indians must not be human. He told me that this winter he was drinking 5 Venti cups of Starbucks a day. Thats 5 LARGE cups!!! Starbucks high-test coffee could make an elephant twitch. My heart races when I have more than one. With 5 cups, Joe's heart rate must be hummingbird-like. WOW. He says he quit cold turkey in mid January. Wasn't that when the Starbucks stock took a dip?? Coincidence, I think not.

Many of my interviews have little to do with baseball but more to do with an aspect of the players life. A quirk. Something a bit different. Travis Hafner, aka Pronk has a dry sense of humor. He's a North Dakota kid. Not many guys make the majors from that state. He's also a huge wrestling fan. He was jealous that the Hulkster came to that steakhouse when I was there and not him. Travis is also a big movie fan. He is getting plenty of ribbing from his teammates. He thinks he's a dead ringer for Javier Barden... IF..and this is big.. IF he wore a Prince Valiant hair cut. What do you think???
I don't make this stuff up.


Dan Seifring said...

To quote my local Fox sportscaster AWESOME (that would be Don Tollefson). I am sure it is a job to you but as a baseball fanatic (sports in general) growing up it would be just AWESOME to do what you do.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I like Vince Cellini! Didn't he co-host "The Big Break" for a few seasons on the Golf Channel? Love that show.

Viv said...

What an exciting trip. I am still choking on the fact that Joe drinks 5 ventis. Holy smokes! That is cool the Hulkster came in to the steak joint. I had a Roger Clemens spotting this weekend. LOL! Yep that guy just needs the freaky haircut and he could look like him, even though that Javier guy was supah creepy in that movie..Glad you are back home safely!

Lily on the Road said...

Nice job!

I remember hearing about the boating accident, it was tragic...two fine players gone in a heartbeat.

Nice to hear you got some runs in too, along with the many miles of walking...

I can't believe Hulk Hogan is still at it, what isn't he in his 70's or something???? He must be drinking the same coffee as Joe...

but still, how 'bout those Blue Jays? hahaha

triguyjt said...

dan: its fun, but theres many times you curse it. some people are tough to deal with
cindy: yes, vince hosted big break. does golf central now, amoung other things.
viv: Travis Hafner asked me if he looked like Barden. I said, yes, with the wig. lol

Marcy said...

Whooaaaa that's A LOT of coffee and I thought I was bad with the 6 cups (but mine are small mugs)

I can totally see the resemblance between Javier and Travis. Get him a wig and he's golden for the Oscar :P

Brian said...

The hulkster rocks. When I was big into wrestling back in the days, he was the man. I watched his show on vh1 for a while. Crazy.

Rainmaker said...

That sounds like an awesome job - hanging out at Spring Break (even if busy as heck).

Wow, I didn't realize it was 15 years. It seems like just a few years ago (and I was 10 at the time).

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

5 ventis...aye carumba!! I hope some of those were decaf

IronMatron said...

No one really drinks 5 Ventis, do they?
Sad about the boating accident. It must have been haunting to walk the dock.

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounded like a busy trip, at least you got some touch of sun out there.

Okay I don't feel as bad on how much coffee I drink..

To bad you fell off the coffee wagon. But hey, welcome back to the dark roasted side.

CoachLiz said...


If Travis could sport the Prince V wig we could make a better decision. I'm going with "YES!"


Christine said...

I think you might have the coolest job on the planet and I expect to meet Grady Sizemore when I come to Cleveland to visit next. You down? haha

jahowie said...

Sounds like a great trip!! I agree. Hafner does look like Barden without the hair of course. I remember that awful accident. I'll have to find your report on that when it comes out. Very sad. I'm glad that you had a good trip.

triguyjt said...

hi again..
to to those who asked...those coffees are high test..not decaf, but I told him I can't give him cold turkey quitting points because he does that dipping stuff in his gums and i understand that stuff has a little stimulant.
Christine-wanna meet Grady Sizemore?? The line is long.!!haha.
Coachliz-and Jahowie.. I am gonna have our graphics department put a wig on travis..Then we can see.
Have a great day guys

GP said...

When I first saw previews for No Country, I actually said to my friend, "well, now we now what Haffie does in the off-season..."

Five VENTI cups? My heart would explode. I shake for two days when I have a tall cup. Geez. (But now I'll spend the whole season referring to his shaky hands.)

I was happy to hear that you a) voted yesterday and b) encountered engaged younger people. I live in a really "young" precinct and was astounded at the sheer number of people at the polls yesterday. It was a great day to make history.

Darrell said...

Sweet gig. We just bought my parent's some tix for the Indians this summer.

The Hulkster all over the radio out here in LA for his recent behavior with his daughter's friend. And that's big news, crazy.

TrainingtoTri said...

ahhh man you got to see the Hulkster! Too rad.

Charlie said...

I bet after Joe's off season conditioning of the nervous system, he will be one cool dude on the mound sans the caffeine.
'93 was a very sad year to be a tribe fan. I always wonder what Steve Olin would have contributed to the team that moved to the Jake(Prog).

B Bop said...

In a roundabout way this post reminded me that it is ok in this day and age for boys to play with dolls....er, I mean wrestling figures.

I guess there was no way of knowing, but it would have been nice to try and find my Hulk Hogan rubber doll...I mean action figure to get autographed.

I had the hulkamania workout set also. It had a poster describing my first training routine!!!!!!

Go Tribe!

Donald said...

Great recap. I'd be more interested to see Brooke Hogan than the Hulk. (Wait - she's 18, right?)

Are your video clips available for viewing on the station website? If so, hook us up with some links, dude.

JenC said...

I bet you're not glad to be back in this weather mix. I can't wait to go to Florida next week!

5 ventis is INSANE!