Monday, May 19, 2008


Rite Aid Half Marathon was a smashing success for this guy, on many fronts, even though the goal I was shooting for, vanished faster than one of those government 600 dollar checks.

Yes, it was raining, yes, you could see your breath, but the weather really, in my opinion was not a deterrent to a good race, or a good time.

Got to the Galleria about 6:15, hung out, stretching inside, and went up to the second level and jogged a bit. Tri-Folk Charlie bopped over and said hi. Wes Wilcox, one of the Cavaliers scouts was doing the half marathon. He was preparing to go to scout more possible opponents for the Cavaliers..(if Cavs made finals) but he had this date on his calendar and was very anxious to see what time he could do. He also told me, he is itching to get into triathlons, so I told him I will steer him to some events in and around Ohio. Maybe he and I can convince #23 to try a triathlon afterall, haha!!

Jumped into the starting line, saw DaisyDuc , and Eddie Policy. Eddie is one of my swimming buddies at Fairport Harbor and a Ironman Wisconsin finisher. Race started a few minutes late...don't know why, but off we went. I settled in with a pace group that was doing miles at approx. 8:40. I would need to maintain that to reach the 1:53 goal. Saw E-speed on west 3rd, shouting encouragement to all the racers. Man, she gets into it!!!!! Cool!!! Really appreciated seeing all the folks watching the race, it was tremendous. On West Shoreway, they were playing Johnny Cash "I walk the line" song....very funny. I wasn't walking, it was full speed ahead.

I was at mile 6 starting to fall off the pace, just a little bit, but felt I could pick it up a bit by mile ten. Didn't happen. Soon, I was averaging 9 minute miles. Was well hydrated. Saw Karen Ruth, another one of my swimming buddies on her bike, cruising up and down the course. The stretch down Detroit wore me down a little..By then, with about 3 plus miles left, I was doing the math. I needed 7:20 miles to reach 1:53. Dana Carvey's impression of Bush, Sr. came to mind. "Not gonna do it". Then, once we reached the Detroit-Superior Bridge, I just tried to maintain a "don't let the wheels come off pace" and get to the finish line. Still, the mini-flame-out cost me my goal.

Hit the finish with a time of 2:01:55. At that time, the sun popped out. One of our camera guys was there shooting all the people finish. He didn't see me come in but he shot a little footage of me eating a banana. Compelling stuff I know. I felt fine, heart rate was fine, but I probably had a somewhat unrealistic goal of 1:53. Thats Okay. Still a great race.

The day picked up very quickly as I finally got to meet Trisaratops, Jenc and TriShannon. Great to meet you guys. They all have recaps on their races at their blogs. Chatted later with Charlie and met Jack, another Cleveland Tri club member. Hope Charlie doesn't mind, I pilfered a pic from his blog. Charlie is one of the deeper thinkers in triathlon-blogdom, a folk musician and an Ironman. Wish I had a photo with the ladies..Ohh well.. My son, Patrick did the 10-k, but the crowd was so large, I just never found him. Talked to him later. He ran 43:53 for the ten K. Great Job Pat!!!! Also props to one of the guys in THE BRIDE'S pilates class. Mike won his age group for the half marathon. Way to Go!!!

I was already on fumes, as Saturday's work ended at midnight. I was up at 4:40am Sunday and would have a full day at the station, starting at 3pm.

When I got home, THE BRIDE was hoping to make a stop at the Garden Center for all the flowers for her window boxes. She needed "Kaito", her nickname for in, "Hi I want you to meet, Kaito, my man servant". Kaito would schlep the plants and flowers. She really needed it done Sunday because the planting of the flower boxes is a big deal. She makes them so gorgeous. So..Kaito got his 5 minute ice bath.. then hot shower, and 15 minutes later, we were in the greenhouse. We filled up two big carts, and I offered great advice.

"Does that pink look brilliant enough to you"?
"I think it really looks like orange"

Then, by 3pm, I was at the t.v. station, watching and recording and writing my sportscasts of the Cavs Game 7 loss, and ohh, why not throw in a Reds sweep over the Tribe for good measure. My colleague, Tony Rizzo probably had a rougher day. He had to witness the Game 7 loss in Boston . Of course, I don't think he ran 13 miles. By the time I got home last night, I was toast.

Now, the scoop on ....THE BAG. You'll recall I nearly dumped him after 15 years for a new workbag. He was despondent, even thought of falling into the lake and end it all, but I saved his life. Then, Blogger outrage convinced me to keep him on as my trusted sidekick. Rejuvenated, THE BAG began dating. And get, this..he's dating a PURSE. Some fashionista's PURSE. What a poser!!!!
And...get this....not only are they in love.......She's preggers. SHOCKING!!! Yes... they are expecting a little wallet, come the fall.

Happy Training


Kevin said...

Way to go on a great race. What a weekend.When do you ever find time to sleep?

tracie said...

great job!!! sorry we missed each other! the traffic was pretty crazy!

oohhh scandal about the bag! you really need to watch him more! ;)

Rainmaker said...

You're totting a man-purse now? Ouch... first its flower shopping, and now its man-purses. Next thing we'll know you'll be sportscasting a grade school walk-a-thon.

Congrats on the race though - a finish is a finish. And a half-marathon is still 13.1 miles more than a gazillion other people ran that day.

Donald said...

Nice effort JT. I think it's OK to push the pace early like you did, just to see what's in the tank. Sometimes the wheels come off later, but other times you'll have breakthroughs.

Crazy weekend. Sorry about the Cavs. LeBron needs help, for sure.

Kim said...

Well you had a busy Sunday!! I'm glad I didn't run the marathon in all that rain. You still had a very good time though, congratulations!!
I'd been waiting on the bag update lol..

crazy tri mama said...

Oh that bag needs a time out! Flaunting himself around a little hussy purse thingy with the darling little tassle.......oh the scandalous drama!!

Great race and schleping for the bride!

JenC said...

I don't know how you did that with so little sleep. That is why you are an IronMan!

Hopefully, I can join you and Karen for Fairport Harbor swims some time soon.

GP said...

You know, we've had the same goals for the past two races -- you blasted away the first, I met the second. Next race we'll have to pull together a pace clan and run it as a group.

What better than group-support/peer pressure to finish in goal time?

I'm thinking LBJ could hit the tri circuit and master the sport in a summer. I mean, he's already a massive multi-tasker on the court and an avid cyclist. But can he swim?

TriSaraTops said...

Great job on the race! It was so fun to meet you! Wish I had a pic too. Next time!

Wish the Cavs coulda pulled one out...oh well. Hope you've gotten some sleep somewhere since then! :)

Yay--little baby Bag!

Marcy said...


OMG what scandal with The Bag. Who is going to take in the futire little wallet? You might have custody issues in the future, you know :P

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous you got to do a race with Johnny Cash music playing in the background. serious.

I was cracking up that the "not gonna do it" Dana Carvey impression came to your mind!

Congrats on the race, goal or not, that's a fine time.

hmm...the BAG...will there be a shotgun wedding in the near future?

Eric said...

Too bad I couldn't find you at the race. We will meet in WV for sure.

I'm happy for the Bag and Purse, but I don't know about having a baby wallet out of wed lock.

I can escort them to Vegas in June to make it legit.

Wes said...

Great effort on the race! I don't think I could even dream of trying a 1:53 pace. That's awesome.

Has your bag been ho-ing himself around again? What a loser!! LOL!

TrainingtoTri said...

Sorry you didn't meet your original goal, but it sounds like a good time to me!

Tea said...

Congrats on the race!

OH! The baby will be just adorable! I hope it get's daddy's little buckles.

Viv said...

Congrats on your finish! You did great..getouuttaa here!
So you were one of those people staying nice and toasty in the Galleria huh? While this chica from TX was toughing the cold. LOL!
Love the Bride's reply, nevermind. HAHAHA!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job on the race!!

That bag is a sneaky one. All of this happened when you had your back turned?

Lily on the Road said...

Holy doodle man, 2:01:55 is nothing to sneeze at, you were flying!! GREAT JOB...

sounds like you had an action packed weekend, and good for the Bride to ask your opinion and then do what she was going to do anyway...that's what I'd do too! LOL....

As for the Bag, well, those tough, rugged, quiet types always go for the fashionesta''d think at his age he'd know about "protection" hahaha.

Glad to know they've got a "grip" on the situation. They are in love and he's going to make an honest purse out of her....ahhhh a little change purse is on the way.....

Christine said...

haha I also snuck a bike and goggles in the header as well. Crazy man-purse. I dunno how I feel about that!! lol let me know if the baby wallets are boys or girls..hopefully no twins

beth said...

i need a kaito!

AWESOME race- it looks like you had so much fun out many friends too!

jahowie said...

Congrats on your race!! Now get some rest. :-)

Charlie said...

Good to see you sunday. Bummer bout the Cavs.

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job out there. You had a long day, plus going flower shopping, you got me tired by just reading your day..

See, all the bag needed was a liitle leather lovin.. All is well in the world.

Benson said...

Half marathon huh? Sounds like you ended up doing a full marathon. Nice job toughing things out and stepping up to schlep flowers.

Congrats to THE BAG and PURSE. Was it planned or is this a result of being left alone in the back seat?

rocketpants said...

Nice race! Keep your eyes out for that time. Sometimes goals we don't make the first time around, it doesn't mean we have to stop trying though.

Glad that the bag has found such a lovely mate.

Better description of the hollow-rock tabatas are on the crossfit website.

Kurt said...

Great race time. You did awesome. Running anything with TriSaraTops would be awesome. One day I plan on racing her also.