Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Thanks to all who responded to my Triathlon Transition silly little song I wrote as a take-off on Stevie Wonders "Superstition". Many said to record the song...Hummm..we'll see about that. I think it would be cool to have all the top guys and gals do a line on it..haha... But most of the fun of the blog is in the writing..the scheming....and be warned..more of this nonsense is to follow.

The Bride came home Monday morning after teaching a class in pain. She had picked up an large weight in a somewhat un-balanced fashion and now her back was screaming like a Marine Drill Instructor. Sure, a few Advils might have blurred the pain somewhat, but now it was kinda crisis time.

"Can you teach my late afternoon Pilates Class"?
"Seriously??? As in leading the class"?
"Well, I might do the cue-ing but I will need you up there to do the demonstrating"
"I haven't done one of your classes in awhile. They will surely spot an imposter". It would be like a diehard Browns fan trying to pass himself off as a Steelers fanatic"

(at this point, no further conversation is needed. Yes, I would do what my beloved wanted, and I would do it with as much enthusiasm as is humanly possible. You don't last long in a marriage if you don't buy into your loved one's needs. Yes, I would look rusty, but I would be her little Pilates aid. I would even encourage her to call me "The lovely Carol Marill" as in Bob Barker telling a contestant on "The Price is Right" to check out the new fridge that "Carol Marill" is pointing to.)

So, off we went, and yes, the class went very well. She has a great bunch of people in the class. She was even able to get down on the mat, but for the most part, she referred to me on most exercises. I went through everything and seemed to pull it off . Had there been a Yoga class before ours..(Yoga people love hot rooms), I would have been sweating more than a tax cheat during an IRS audit. But luckily the room was comfortable. Two liquid gelcaps and six rosary beads later, The Brides back seemed to improve..and thus today I am not needed to help as a Pilates aide. My career was OVER before it BEGAN!!! Hey, I do weddings and bar mitzvahs!!!

The Workouts in the past week or so have focused on getting alot of swimming in, lifting, and aside from my 12 miler on the 6th, very little running. My left foot is better, the left knee is being iced and responding. I am still on track for the Rite-Aid Half Marathon on Sunday. The goal is 1:53. Thats roughly 8:40 per mile. I will try not to get too carried away with all the adrenaline from the huge throng of runners. Todays swim was 2650 yards, the third swim workout in 8 days. Late this am, Patrick stopped over. He's doing the 10-k Sunday. We went up to North Chagrin and ran for about 55 minutes....

God Bless the engineers who designed the Hoover Dam.
Its an amazing piece of Americana. Imagine the force needed to keep back all the water??? I think of the Hoover Dam in the same way I think of my tight fitting UnderArmour shirts. Or the spandex biking shorts!!!!!!!!Ohhh the humanity!!!! Each week, I vow to be more serious about my nutrition.. Its a race against time. My weight versus the fabric.

Good luck Training!!!!


Viv said...

LMAO, think of my poor tri shorts. Oh, the pressure!
That was so sweet of you to teach the bride's class. I am sure you got a great strech out of it as well, and a few brownie points..wink, wink :-) Looking forward to flying out to Cleveland Friday. I see it is still cold. I am so stoked! good luck with getting your goal time.

Charlie said...

have a great race.
see you Sunday.

Rainmaker said...

I could have made all sorts of funny comments regarding the spandex. But for the betterment of blogkind, I shall refrain....for now.

Marcy said...

LMAO! You're a great husband! Most would probably find an excuse to be far, far away. She has you trained well :P

Wes said...

You don't last long in a marriage if you don't buy into your loved one's needs.

As long as they don't put you into the hospital ;-)

tracie said...

good luck on Sunday!!!

monica and i are working a water stop so maybe we'll see you!

JenC said...

You definitely win some brownie points with your female readers! Very nice of you to assist your lovely wife!

Hope to see you on Sunday! While I can't hope for such a good time, I will be out there gunning for a PR.

GP said...

So, when does your pilates for triathletes DVD show up on Amazon.com? Way to help out. That's awesome.

Have a great Sunday race. Again, we're aiming for the same goal... and if Malachi was any indication, you're sure smash that goal. That's why I'm following your lead ;-)

Donald said...

Hey - My uncle's an engineer at the Dam! If you haven't ever toured it, you should - it's awesome.

In the case of your pants, I'd tend to think more of a muffin tin, with the extra stuff spilling over the top, like the kids show it now. Under Armor with a muffin top.

I suppose there's no chance of getting that game 7 switched to Cleveland, huh? That may be LBJ's only chance.

RunBubbaRun said...

Good luck and have fun at the half mary this weekend...

Ahh, teaching a pilates type class, you go brother, a bunch of mostly women staring at ya.. hopefully she did not make you wear some "Richard Simmons" type shorts while demonstrating.

Anonymous said...

What a guy helping with the wife's pilates class :)

Funny Hoover Dam comparison! You and me both...must be the pizzas on our bike rides ;)

Good luck with the race!!

Lana said...

How nice of you to fill in for The Bride's pilates class! I bet you got major brownie points for that!!

Lily on the Road said...

Good Luck with your Half this weekend. That's quite a fast goal time! I'm a turtle compared to you speedster!!

Glad you support your bride, that is so sweet.

rocketpants said...

Enjoy your race this weekend. And to follow up on a previous question you had about overhead squats...I did have a lot of instability when I started them (just recently) which is why I was lifting with just the bar. They don't bother my knees at all. I observed that where it gets tough is due to tight hips, but it is do-able.

Tea said...

LMAO! No matter how much I beg, Mr. Tea would never have done that! I think that you guys should put out a video..."Pilates for regular people".

Benson said...

Good for you. Now how about some pictures for us to laugh at?

Hit the pace and good luck in your race.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

LOL at your hoover dam analogy to bike shorts. Sadly, I can relate to that!!