Monday, October 6, 2008


Have you seen those wedding cake houses in New Orleans on St. Charles Street.???

Turns out, one of those homes played a part in the reason for this post.

You could also call this post. Streetcar Named Desire.

Training update first. The past week, I ran for a total of 5 hours and did 2 weight training sessions on upper body but very easy because of the shoulder I tweaked while swimming and then swinging a golf club too hard. I did one leg workout . Longest run was 2 hours at Chagrin River Park with a unique twist. One hour into the run, I did repeat hill sprints. There is a 52 step sledding hill with the steps 8 inches high and about 2 and a half feet deep. So....I did 20 straight sprints up the hill on the 60"s. Sprint took about 17 seconds and then I would have the rest of the minute to easily jog back down to the start. It was a solid effort. My goal this week is to get in a 2 and a half hour run as I prepare for the 50 K in January.

Okay...the Streetcar. THE BRIDE, and I were in the Big Easy for the wedding of our niece. It was gonna be one of the big events on the calendar and it did not disappoint. THE BRIDE was in New Orleans since last Monday, helping put the finishing touches on all the preps for the wedding. I flew in on Friday with our 3 kids.

After a fabulous rehearshal dinner at an amazing restaurant in New Orleans on Friday night, we had to swing over to the House on St. Charles late Saturday morning. Its in the Garden District...... in fact its only 3 houses from Audobon Park. One of those wedding cake homes and thats where the wedding reception took place. THE BRIDE had some last minute things to attend we took the Streetcar over from the Westin. The distance is not that far...About 4 miles or so... I figured, I would just jog back to the hotel.

It was hot, but breezy and the city was alive. Primary elections were going on and every 10 blocks there were dozens of people out shouting for you to vote for their candidate. Yep, I'll get back to you!!!!.. The run was about 40 minutes to the hotel, but I slid over to the French Quarter for a little zip through and then back. Nice run. One hour total.
Next April, New Orleans will host an Ironman Half. 70.3 and the swim will be in Lake Ponchartrain and the biking around there as well. I believe the run will take racers south into the city with the finish in Jackson Square in the French Quarter. That will be cool, but I think they should have steered the run through the Garden District too. Most of it is shady and the scenery is awesome.

Ohh, yeah...the wedding. Amazing. John and Colleen spared no expense.. One touch they had was to have a second wedding cake built just for the groom, Allan. He's a huge Cubs fan. There was a cake 3 feet wide by 2 feet high built in the image of Wrigley Field. On that same night as champagne flowed in New Orleans for Jackie and Allan, the Cubs fizzled and were eliminated from the playoffs. Sure, the timing could have been better, but perhaps Allan will have a Cubs title to brag about......when his kids get married. LOL l!!!!!!

Marriage can be of a variety of distances if you want to make the endurance analogy. For me and THE BRIDE, its a marathon...32 years and counting. Make that an ultra marathon. For others, its a Sprint!!!!
Life's a Blast!!!!


Wes said...

New Orleans is a great place to get married. L'il sister got married there, and we all had a blast.

I'd love to do that 70.3, but I changed my mind :-) I don't think I want to work that hard next year. But who knows? After a couple of weeks off, I may be bouncing off the walls :-)

Cliff said...

Now that's a cake. I would love to see that in person.

Brian said...

too bad the cubs like the tribe sucks and can't win. maybe one day.

That would be a fun place to do a half. But a little further of a drive then I'd like. :)

Marcy said...

Dang I'm hoping mine will be an ultra marathon. Some days it's like a combo of a long distance run and a boxing match :-X LMAO!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

My husband would love that grooms cake (he's a cubs fan from chicago).

We've been married 19 for the marathon. :-)

Speed Racer said...

I LOVE New Orleans. You lucky dog! It sounds beautiful. Well, except those hill sprints. They sound kind of ugly (maybe sexy ugly).

I had no idea that the Big Easy had a 70.3. That's one to put on my list for someday! Are there alligators in the swim???

beth said...

that 2 hour run sounds crazy! hill sprintS? you're hard core!

the wedding sounds great too. st. charles street is beautiful, i ran down last time i was there!

jahowie said...

Never been down there. It always looks cool in pics and on TV. Keep livin' the life man!! :-)

Viv said...

You and the bride are the Ironman of couples or ultra same differnce they are both long but rewarding right!

Sounds like a fun time. I will be in New Orleans for my first 70.3 and I can not wait, well yes I can I guess I neeg to train..LOL! Shoulda filmed some of that bike course for me..oh yea you were there for a fun wedding, duh :-)

JenC said...

I didn't know you ran at Chagrin River park?! That is only a mile from our house. Hope to see you out there some time!

Are there alligators in that lake? That would be my biggest concern, but the race sounds great!

Tea said...

New Orleans huh? Now THAT would be high on my list for future races.

We've just finished a half mary (15 years) heading into marathon training.

Rainmaker said...

I've been kinda eyeing that race next year...very tempting...tempting indeed.

Eileen Swanson said...

hi there, found your blog through sarah's. cool stuff! new orleans is a super fun place. you should do that race for sure ;-) great job on your LONG run!