Monday, October 20, 2008

TRIGUY PLAYS WISEGUY has been somewhat generic in nature..but a couple different workouts mixed in to keep the bordedom at bay..
One workout featured a rope skipping routine after about a 50 minute elliptical session. I skipped 15 x 60 seconds hard with 30 seconds recovery.
I am still refraining from heavy lifting due to my shoulder. Its getting better but not dramatically. I am being patient, but if its not showing near normal function in another 2 weeks, then I will have it looked at.

I have gotten into listening to books with mp3 players. Our Euclid, Ohio library (Voted #3 in the country) now gives out the mp3 players with the book already loaded.. Its great. You can save places.. go ahead or go back..

I am listening to the book "Walking the Bible" and its fascinating.

Been thinking about how triathletes like to announce to complete strangers just how much experience they have with that particular race. How its normal for some people to answer the simple question..."Did you do this race last year"? with

"Ahhh yeah, I P.R.'d here last year, which was my 8th time racing this one. I lowered my swim times dramatically and need to drop another 10 minutes off my time this year if I am gonna have any chance of going under 13 hours at Kona. Of course you've heard of Kona. Yeah, I did that 3 times and so while I want a good time today, I am just probably gonna use it as a long workout to prep me for Kona, and if I run well enough in the 13 mile portion, I'm gonna enter another Half Iron in a month...... yep..gonna do the "Half Assed Half" in Poughkeepsie....ahhh How about You"?
So as a public service, I offer you some things you can say to the veterans at a triathlon that just might make them wonder...and maybe even...avoid you at all costs!!!! LOL!!

"Ahh is it possible for you to write the number on my arm long hand???? You know like.... "Two Forty Nine"

Wouldn't it be cool if this race gave us those thingy's to put on our ankles?? Then when we cross certain spots, the device could record what time we came by?? Wouldn't that be cool??"

"I bought a suit made out of neophrene and its supposed to make you more buoyant in the water...but crap, I see alot of other people have those too!! So much for my little secret"!!!!

"Hey, where are the lanes out in the Lake?? I wanted to be able to swim in a lane"!!

'I heard that some people eat bananas and drink Gatorade...sound likes wusses to me. We're only gonna be out there 5 hours"??

"Hey didn't triathlons start in Maine in the 1950's"?

"I hope nobody tries to pee in this would be unsanitary"

"Can I ask someone else to break the wind for me on my bike?? Its okay to do that, right"???

I'm sure I would get some weird reactions...ohh yeah about the birth of triathlons....I know, I know...I know the sport really began in Cleveland in the 30's. (wink)

On a work note, I want to thank the Universe Bulleltin for writing a great article on our stations Friday Night Touchdown coverage of high school football. We do 20 minutes, using our helicopter...hilights of 20 games... blogs on our website and chats, and posted highlights. Its fun stuff. The pic is of me on the right, Danny Coughlin in the middle and Tony Rizzo on the left. We have a blast. Article link here

Life's a Blast


Steph said...

HA! I love the wiseguy post...and i love the pic at the bottom!

Wes said...

Love those as well :-) I want to do my swim being towed by a jet ski :-D

Brian said...

Gotta watch listening to mp3's on the trails. I used to get nervous. If you haven't read or listened to Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, authors of Freakonomics, get that. Some really off the wall stuff. Some you won't agree with, I guarantee. I got it from my library in twinsburg, (ranked #1 in the country). :)

Kelly said...

I can't decide if listening to a book while I worked out would be a great idea or put me to sleep.

Also, I really HATE doing our Friday football shows (called the Football Frenzy at our station). They usually have to send the directors out as extra photographers, and nothing is ever ready on time.

Sarah said...

You clearly have too much fun at work. LUCKY!

Anyway, I LOVE the wiseguy cracks. Your timing couldn't be BETTER! Last night at the pool as we all sat in the hot tub after the workout I started talking to this guy about tris and omg...JT...he would NOT SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally had to elbow a word in after 10 minutes and be like "um okay...I'm going to uh...go now..."

On and on and on and ON about ironman...

I'll have to write those down for the next time that happens. That was good!!

Donald said...

Great wiseguy comments. I could have used them at my last tri, that's for sure.

Your library gives mp3s? That's awesome. Ours still uses cassette tapes - we haven't even progressed to CDs yet.

UntPawGal02 said...

Love the pic at the bottom ;)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...


Cliff said...

One more question to ask..

'do you know if we have to swim uphill on the course??' :)

Cool that the library give you mp3 players.

michelle said...

thanks for the end-of-the-day chuckles!!

Formulaic said...

Great wiseguy cracks.

I don't know if I could listen and workout.

I tried to do that when cleaning the house and end up sitting under the speaker for an hour when I got too drawn in to the story.

If I was running then I would hope that would mean that zone out and keep running, but I fear that i would be stopping on the side of the road and wandering around aimlessly.