Friday, May 15, 2009

JT is Alive

Greetings.. quick note to let you know that yes...I am still alive. Some notes and then a promise to be more punctual with posts.

1. Last 2 and a half weeks have built up my long trail runs to 15 miles...gonna go 16 Saturday.
2. My weight has dropped 9 pounds due to the Eat Clean Plan.
3. I have not decided on a 50 miler. Mohican sounds great but there is likely a conflict.
4. Not running the Rite Aid Half Marathon. Might still go there and cheer on some runners from my bike.
5. Been Tweeting more on Twitter and getting lots of feedback on Facebook. Facebook response is more from folks who comment on sports stuff, although I always post about other things... Twitter seems to be filled with lots of marketing types but there are cool things too.
6. Wanted Mike to win Biggest Loser but props to Helen for winning.
7. Gilles should win the Dancing competition on ABC. The Bride loves how hot he is. She still loves me however.
8. Enjoying watching and covering the Cavs in playoffs. They are 8-0 and won't play again till next Weds vs the Celts/Magic winner.
9. Have a creative way to use Horse Poop to run my fartlek workouts on the Bridle Paths. Will explain in future post.
10. Good Luck to everyone running in the Rite Aid....

Lifes' a Blast


Rainmaker said...

That's a very solid weight drop - serious congrats!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

horse poop, huh? that should be interesting...

untpawgal02 said...

Long trail runs... nice... glad your still enjoying it and getting off the pavement :)

Shannon said...

Eating Clean works!

Glad you're still alive.

Benson said...

Ah yes,
Trail running
weight loss (congrats)
eating clean
and horse poop.
Wah? Horse Poop!
I can hardly wait.

Missy said...

I wanted Mike to win too! He played that game bigger thanyouknowwhat! Eating clean...I need to check this out.

IronBob said...

I'm looking to make that final push to 185 (10 pounds more). guess I need to Google "eating clean". Serious wt. for us old farts

Trishie said...

hey there JT! I was rooting for Tara but gotta give props to Helen. Nice going on the trail runs and congrats on the weight loss !

Steph said...

Nice JT! You're such an inspiration! I wondered if you were going to be downtown yesterday! It was a great day to run. Had a blast!