Monday, May 18, 2009


Greetings from the city that TNT buffoon Charles Barkley refers to as "The Mistake by the Lake" Cleveland Ohio. Charles is harmless and memo to Chuck. The joke is about 25 years old. Get some new material. Another memo to Chuck. You'll feel differently Mr. when you need to come to the world class Cleveland Clinic for health concerns. I will give him credit for one thing. He predicted the Nuggets would make the finals and he might be right.

Enough of that. Our city just put on the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon and 10K on Sunday and a record amount of runners took part. 12,400 according to officials. Many Cleveland runners, both road and trail know Elizabeth Hansen. Wow!!! what a race she ran. She finished second overall in the womens division of the Half Marathon. I was really excited for her and mentioned her on the 10pm news. Great job E-Speed. Check out her blog (on sidebar) and I am sure she wrote about it.

Finished a great week of training. The effects of dropping 9-10 pounds have been great. More zip. Quicker stints when skipping rope. Weight training is more intense. Its all good. Capped off week with a 12 mile trail run Saturday and followed by some tempo on the treadmill for a 14 mile day.

However, I am an endurance weenie compared to Epic Bill Bradley. His motto is "Show up and Suffer" Heres the link to his website and check out the video on the Triple Ironman. That says it all. The man is on fire!!!!~! Wow!! He never claimed to be a great runner. He is just mentally tough and he will out work most people. He is getting me all charged up. The 50 miler is gonna get done...Hell, if I focus on Bill, it won't be long before I do a 100 miler.

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Enjoy your training...your racing and your Life!!

Life's a Blast!!


IronBob said...

Just bought the book "The Eat Clean Diet for Men". Looking forward to all those pounds falling off.

Wes said...

Now don't be making fun of my home boy, Chuck. Being right (or smart for that matter) is not required. He is an entertainer, always has been, even when he was playing basketball. The first thing they look for on the resume is the world "Buffoon". This I know. Update your resume accordingly! hahahahahaha! {ducking in anticipation} ;-)

I told my son you had the inside scoop on the Cavaliers, and he was very impressed!

E-Speed said...

Awwe thanks for the shout out JT!

Nathan said...

Agreed about Chuck, ironically he picked the Cavs to be in the Finals earlier this year!

Congrats Elizabeth, GREAT job!

Missy said...

I need to follow your lead. I climb so much better when I'm 5-10 lighter than I am right now.

Did you say 100 miler, sheesh!?!

Rainmaker said...

Very nice, each pound is 2 seconds/mile on the you've now shaved off 20+ seconds - awesome!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Thank you for making fun of Chuck. Not one of my favorites.

Great job