Saturday, July 5, 2008


Alright gang...our nation is another year older and many of us are deep into 0ur 2008 racing schedules. I am thinking of adding a sprint to the lineup. Its the Huntington Beach race on Clevelands West Side on July 20th, the same day as Ironman Lake Placid.

This week was a lighter week after I raced the Half Ironman in West Virginia. I have lifted weights twice. Patrick and I swam Thursday am at Wildwood Park, a one mile swim and I had 2 bike sessions, Weds and Fri of one hour each. Friday, I worked on a certain hill...staying in the saddle at one gear for two climbs. The climb is .8 of a mile. The third climb, I went one gear higher and nearly made it to the top before getting out of the saddle to crank the last 30 yards.
Today I am going out for 2 hours.

No secret since the race in WV I need to re-introduce myself to the Red Cannondale. So my emphasis will be on the bike until the Greater Cleveland Half Ironman on August 10th. Too much of the bike's existence has been upside down.. I have to correct that.

Quoting Kona Shelley..does this make my butt look too big???
Pics came in from the Half Ironman. Which one, or ones make me look like an actually triathlete, instead of the guy who's been posing as one for 23 years hahah!!!! Any feedback would be appreciated.

Props to The Bride who continues to teach others the values of fitness via Pilates, Core Strength, Resistance Bands and weights. We are hitting 32 years in the middle of the month. This twisted mind is thinking of a fitness challenge to commemorate that number ..Hummmm!!??

Catch you later. Lifes a blast!!!!


Wes said...

Dude! Don't leave that purty bike hanging. Everybody already knows your butt is big :-)

Congrats on 32. Let's think of a torturefest, ummm errrr,workout for you to properly celebrate... Hmmmmm..

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Time to get up in the saddle and ride!!

My initial favorite was the swim exit photo. But I think the one in the middle on the bike is good too.

Tea said...

Honesty is the best medicine, right?

THOSE ARE GREAT PICTURES! I can't even choose my favorite. You do look pretty muscular in those bike pix those.

Congrats on the 32 years!

tri-mama said...

From one happily married person to another... I like the middle bike one- it shows off your arms best :-)

Happy riding on Red

Marcy said...

Better break out that duster! ;-)

I love the bike pics! You're buff homie!! Dang!

rocketpants said...

More biking is always good. I'm attempting to fit more of that in.

Congrats on the up and coming anniversary.

All the pics are actually pretty darn good.

Rainmaker said...

Hope your multi-hour ride today went well!

If you got rained out, it would make your bike nice and shiny!

Trishie said...

Great pictures! Love the middle one on the bike. Enjoy the rest of your hoiday weekend. I think it's so cool that you workout with your son. My dad and I used to bike together .. a million years ago ;)

Brian said...

The first pic coming out of the water is classic tri pic. next time don't forget to smile.

I was thinking about the huntington sprint as well. We'll see as I have a ton of others coming up.

Lily on the Road said...

Great pic's!!! Not knowing enough of "tri-ing" all the photo's look great! I like the last bike pic, it's an action shot!

Hmmmm 32 years ~ commemorated with a fitness challenge, if I were her I'd prefer a nice diamond! LMAO!!!!

Congrat's on 32 years, that's awesome.

Viv said...

The Cannondale is sweet. She has the same bar tape as my baby girl. Spent most of lifes updide down...hehehhe
Awesome hill climbing!

Do 32minutes of something fitness easy (sit ups) then go have 32 hours of bliss somewhere special.

Kevin said...

Great pics. I think the one in the middle looks the best

Anonymous said...

You look like a triathlete in all of them...but I do like the bike pic the best!

I just look like a goofball in my tri pics, but I pretty much am a goofball ;b

tracie said...

dude get your butt on the bike! early congrats to you and the bride :) i'm pretty confident you of all people will think of a very unique way to celebrate!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Dang--you've let that bike hang upside down for far too long! The Bride must be working your arms because you've got some serious guns bro!!

jahowie said...

Get that thing back on the road!! :-)

What's going on with our baseball teams?!?!

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

And yeah, let that poor bike out of the basement! I wish I had a spare Cannondale hanging around :)

Cliff said...

Looks like a sweet ride. Those images are so small. And I think it (your butt) is fine.

keep riding on those hills. Hills make us strong.