Monday, October 22, 2007


Today WAS a day off. But, due to the frustration of watching the young Cleveland Indians squander a 3-1 lead against the Red Sox, I decided to get some miles in.

No problem. 50 strong minutes on a glorious day. Worked in some hills. Spectacular day and as the minutes wore on, the memory of the Tribe Slide diminished. Endorphins are a beautiful thing. Mood elevated???? Check. Sweat worked up???Check. Swear words forgotten???Check.

Running and racing has always helped me keep a balance from my hectic job covering pro-college-and high school sports on Fox 8 in Cleveland.

Ahh, that run was the perfect piece of insurance against insanity.

Later at work, my cellphone buzzed.

"Hey Dad, how you doing"?

Pat, my 28 year old son checking in. He's the stud newbie triathlete. Stopped smoking 2 years ago. Got into raciing this year. Can't tell you how much of a kick I got out of him getting into the sport I have loved for so long. He raced 3 times. Maumee Bay, Fairport and Portage lakes.
Maumee was on Fathers Day. Ahhhhhh. That was his first and that was the first and last race where I bettered his time. Since then, he has smoked me.
"How far is it from the bottom of Euclid Creek park, up into the park, out of it..down So. Green to Mayfield and back"??

"Ahh roughly 6 miles I would say".

"Okay, then I ran up Highland Road to Richmond and back. How far would you guess"?

"How long did it take ya"?

"Not sure"

This is where Pat and I are different. I know how fast. the pace. You name it.
Pat runs about 8 min miles, I guess. In a way, I envy how he can go out and run, carefree and not be tied down to the watch.

All told, I figured he ran 10 miles. He's ramping up him mileage. He's thinking of longer triathlons. Cool.

We are also thinking of racing the Buckeye Trail 50 K in January. Wow , has he come a long way...even if he isn't exactly sure just how far.

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