Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jump Starting J.T.

Checked my workout logs from the past couple years.. found a pattern that I either don't like or should be used to by now. Weight in the month of October usually hits the peak for the year. That means the triathlon season has finished. (unless I got in the lottery for Kona and they actually picked me..which hasn't happened yet, but hey...I can live with it.) Anyway, I don't like the pattern but I am here to do something about it.

I am sucking up to my personal trainer bride and asking her to kick my fanny on some workouts at the gym. She really drove me with innovative power drills. Bounding up steps, and things like that. I was smoked every time but I saw the benefits. I will be more specific on setting my goals for each week..each workout.

I want to thank Jodi who posted her tentative 08 schedule and getting me to realize how i can visualize the types of races I might enter, or the mileage I will do . But visualizing is great, you have to write it down. You have to put it out there. So thanks Jodi.

Write it down J.T. Come on!!!!!!

Okay, I will. Ironman Louisville 08??? I believe its still open. My swim buddy Eddie from our Fairport Harbor Open swims, has been chiding me to enter. He is doing Ironman Florida with my other swim buddies, Karen, and Juan. First of All guys, Good Luck. Godspeed. Eddie says I have to enter Louisville if he goes sub 13 hours. I am leaning that way Eddie. Just need a nudge. My last Ironman distance race was 6 years ago at age 48. Ohhhhh stop it with age b.s.!!!!!

Mountaineer Half Iron in West Virginia. Loved that race. You can have the hills!!!! But, hey it was a great challenge. Who wouldn't love to swim in a river thats had the current shut down. Cool.

Various HFP Races. Shannon, whom I will write about later runs a tremendous operation. Scott is the ultimate"p.r.-marketing-anouncer guy-ironman-himself -dude"

More racing ideas to follow. Too nice a day to stay indoors, Fall Colors are stupendous. Heading to the Park. Got my Horse Poop detector with me!!!!!


Charlie said...

IMUK! That would be great John. CTC has a bunch of east siders headed down, so there will be a good training group around.

triguyjt said...

charlie- i am still on the ropes..haven't committed. i also hear its still open as of today..oct 26.

thanks buddy. have a good one