Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wheres the Horse poop???

Back again. In my first post, I mentioned how I was in a rut. How I race quiet frequently yet my times don't significantly drop. Okay, I will grant you, I am no longer a spring chicken. That horse left the barn. However, keeping consistent wouldn't hurt either.

I have been toying with ideas on what races and what kinda races to attack next year. Doing a 50 miler intrigues me. Dean Karnazes is a guy I envy, not just because he is the Energizer Bunny of distances runners, but because his running and his writing about it, speaks to the inner core of our beings. Why we do what we do. So, getting into ultras is something I think about.

The lure of the marathon swimmer also excites me. Tuesdays in the summer, a small group I am part of swims long distance at Fairport Harbor State Park. Some days its 1.5 miles, others it can be 2. I just love the long distance challenge. I feel swimming is the best of the three disciplines I attack in triathlons. Soooo...theres the thought of racing in those 5 mile open water events... Or the Swim around Manahattan. You get the idea.

But back to the rut. and Back to the Horse Poop. Once in a while, I will do the fartlek approach to running. I love to run the North Chagrin Reservation. The Bridle Paths. So lots of times, I will just start running hard and tell myself...."Next Pile of Horse Poop and you can take a Break". Its entirely unscientific. And insanely enjoyable. You never know where the Poop is gonna be. Kinda a metaphor for our lives, wouldn't you think. No matter what day I hit the Path, the Poop awaits.

Got in a 1 hour 45 minute run with my son yesterday. Off today. Have to emcee a 100 year celebration of our Euclid Hospital, and keep an eye on the Indians game #2 against Boston for my job. I should tell the Indians to watch out for the Horse Poop around Fenway. They have many cops on horseback there.

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