Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pie-lates?? or Puh-latte's?

Musing about when I first heard about the wonderful discipline called Pilates. I was covering the Cleveland Indians in spring training in 1995. Back then they had a budding star whose last name ryhmes with Homey. Not Homey the Clown from T.V. Homey. Jim Thome. He's a country kid but he had a balky back due to his verrrry powerful swing. Speed times force equals....lots of tylenol. And therapy and whirlpool baths. Anyway, we were chatting about various training methods and Jim said he was doing this new thing called "Pie-lates".

Obviously Jim was off a few years. Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates was several decades to say the least old when Jim first heard of it. To those who are not familiar, think coffee not Pie when you pronounce it. Latte, not pie. Its Puh-latte's. Not Pie-lates as Jimmy called it back in 95.

Now, fast forward so many years of triathlons for me and home runs forJim, (he just went over 500 this season) and I have found myself doing Pilates. About the last 2 and a half years. Its been tremendous for my training. My gorgeous bride is an instructor and I have taken her classes and also classes from other instructors as well. Many of you in the endurance field understand the importance of core strength and mat pilates has served me well in that regard. There are so many variations to the workouts. We use stability balls, rings, weights. More than anything you just use your body weight in so many of the movements. Breathing is a big factor. Its just a great workout.

Its also about 90 percent if not more attended by women. Can't figure out why men don't try this more often. Must be the testosterone thing. Why bench press a house guys?? What are you proving.?????

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Mickeytee2 said...

U R my idol JT. I wish i could get motivated to do somthing about my body like I did 5 years ago when we did that mini Tri in Fairport. You are awsome and I am proud of your commtment and dedication to your fitness, not to mention your work. Glad Pat has taken it up with U. My body just isn't holding up... hips and knees are not what they used to be. Or maybe it's the extra 25 pounds I'm carrying around with me. I do the eliptical daily for and hour but still not working. Got to get on track.
Help. Big Bro