Sunday, June 8, 2008


Greetings. Race season is upon us Ohio triathletes and its great to see some folks getting to finally hit the water, the bike and the trails.. Finished a very strong week of training. 6 hours, 30 minutes of running, swimming, rowing, and a little biking. 2 upper body sessions. One leg workout. In the week, the somewhat innovative Pilates Sandwich. See previous Post. I have one more week of similar distances and then I will taper for theSpirit of Morgantown Half Ironman. See the pretty college town. The football stadium. How serene!!!! I thought as much last summer when I arrived to compete in the Half Iron. But I was somewhat taken aback (my bad for not checking the run course) when I came upon the Devil himself. Actually its Devils Hill. A ridiculous incline devilishly placed that Half Iron racers had to tackle twice. Civil engineers can do all their theories and toss about angle percentages... (Here I am, an unsuspecting plodder in lap #1 of the run course) I just know that the hill made my right hamstring cry, caused me to call out for my Mommy!! .But worst part was some dude dressed as the Devil Himself..yelling as we sputtered up the hill. Devils Hill took a big chunk out of my morale and my estimate of a time in the lower 6 hours range, soon ballooned to a time of 6:50. I was not proud of that. My Half Iron pr is 5:43, although I admit I was 49....six years ago.

So, as I look ahead to the return, I choose to be proactive and hence, that is why I trudged to the Euclid Creek Reservation Saturday. It was hot..84 degrees, but in the upper picnic area is a concrete roadway, that goes up to Georgetown. Straight up. In honor of the slanted topography, I'll use italics!!!! The incline is about as wicked as Morgantown. although I don't have actual figures. Its shady, but its daunting. The Plan. 10 sprints up the hill to a distance approx 200 yards up. Turn around, jog easy down...repeat. Then 10 more sprints of 30 seconds up the hill..jog easy down and repeat. 20 total trips. I had my cooler with lots of water and Gatorade. I wanted to puke. Seriously. That was my goal. Push myself as hard as I could and maybe a little badge of honor would result. My effort was as strong as I can ever remember. I did all 20 sprints.. Drank lots of fluids..sweated buckets and all the while, I was thinking of Devils Hill.

Devils Hill.. I"m coming for yah...this step is for you, bro!!!!!!!
Easy buddy. You don't have to work so hard. Devils Hill is just that...a hill!
Stuff it, alter ego!!!!

I felt real good as I put that workout in the book. I can't guarantee that Devils Hill won't bite me again..but at least I will go in, eyes wide open. Okay, back to straight up and down letters!! Ohh yeah..I did not up-chuck


Claude Holland is one of the classiest high school coaches around. His Cleveland Heights Tigers won the State Div 1 Track Title Saturday. Congrats.

Thats Emily Infeld of Cleveland Heights Beaumont. She finished her career as one of Ohio best middle distance runners ever, as her team, coached by Jim Emery won another state girls title. Props to her and the rest of the team. Thanks to the Plain Dealer for the photos.

Been dreaming up different training routines and will soon drop those in this blog. I got a little inspiration on this front from Youngstowns own Kelly Pavlik, the boxing champ. He went through this Ironman Workout in Y-Town and the Youngstown Vindicator posted it on their sight. Click here for the Video. Ohh last night, he won his fight and remains one of the best stories in boxing.

Enjoy your training and racing. Lifes a blast!!!


Eric said...

For anyone interested in the specs on devils hill check out the calcs here.

Can't wait for Morgantown. Looking forward to finally meeting you.

Rainmaker said...

Damn...looking at the numbers Eric linked to - that hill is just insane. Those of us that have mountains near us invented something called the 'switchback' to reasonably get over hills/mountains. You should consider having the town invest in that technology.

triguyjt said... eyes were like saucers when I first saw it...

Holy Sh*@ !!!

yeah, erics narration of it was real good.. Thanks Eric!!
it does flow nicely back down to the river, though once, through couple rollers after devils hill.

tracie said...

all i have to say is devil's hill needs to watch out...cuz jt is on the way!!!!


Lily on the Road said...

That's one crazy hill, holy YIKES!

You're workouts are putting me to shame, I'll have to get your schedule, hahahaha....

Tackle that hill while your still young! what 8 days to go???

The Grand Master Crackhead said...

All you need to say to the Devil is HTFU!

Viv said...

You will get your revenge on that Devils hill ohhhahooohaha! Umm, my evil laugh in case it is hard to read it.
Great strong workouts JT. I still think my fav was the pilates sandwich.

Wes said...

Ha, ha! Give that hill hell JT


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there's a guys dressed as the devil yelling by the hill.

Oh man, this time you are gonna get him! Get mad at Devil Hill and if the Devil is there again...look at him and tell him to go to H-E-"double hockey sticks"

Tea said...

LOL--Great Race report!

I also loved the stories and pictures of the local athletes! That was great!

Charlie said...


E Creek is a great work out. The devil is goin down.

Marcy said...

Ummmmm wow!! Thanks for making feel like a slacker ;-) You rock homie!!

Triteacher said...

Phew! I'm breathing hard just from reading this post - the italics really put me on that hill with ya, T-guy!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

The folks in the devil costumes might have put me over the edge.

Next time, you'll be ready. BRING IT ON!!

tri-mama said...

one step at a time-you'll tame that bad boy

Kevin said...

Great job on the hill work. You going to conquer that hills this time

beth said...

some killer hills in there...AND the heat...NICE will pay off

Ryan Denner said...

dude... i love the conversations with the alter ego!!!

Tri to Be Funny said...

So-did you puke?!?!? :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

I'm glad to hear you told your alter ego to "Stuff it"