Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Showering Gratitude

Hi there.
The man, pictured above, who has been responsible for much of our training and race day replenishment is gone. He died today at the age of 80.
Keep him in your prayers. We owe him a debt of gratitude.
Who was this man??
You can likely guess, by what he is sipping, but for the full story, click this link

Not being flip, but do you think anyone ever though of dumping a cooler full of his invention over his head??. You know, maybe at a party?? Perhaps as a show of respect. Probably not.
Do you have to be a football coach to get showered??? Wouldn't it be neat if business tycoons dumped coolers over each other when their stock goes up??? Or, when the president elect is sworn in he/she gets a bucket full. Why not???
And to think he invented what is now a sports icon, because Florida football players weren't able to take a pee after games. Because Johnny Football couldn't tinkle, we now have a 5 billion-gazillion dollar industry. Ain't this country great??

Going to BJ's to buy a case of the stuff. Tonight, I ask fellow triathletes worldwide to raise a bottle and toast the spirit of this pioneer.


Tri to Be Funny said...

I owe him for many race finishes along the way!

Charlie said...

As an endurance athlete, I say thank you sir.
Now if we can find out what he was giving the Gators this year, we would really have something.