Friday, November 30, 2007

Seuss Bike and Run

Enjoyed watching the network coverage of the Ironman World Championships. Having done 3 Ironman distances races, but none in the dot-m world, I still consider getting to Kona a lifelong dream. Well, dream since I began racing 22 years ago. However, I have never had the luck in the Ironman lottery and I am not fast enough to qualify. Someday, somehow, we'll find our way to Kona.

You can see the Dr. Seuss influence in this posting. Loved his books as a kid and, even today always get a chuckle from them.

So, folks...heres my tribute to the sport, through the influence of the late-great writer.

Three Legs and Jam

Where is my swim cap
Where is the water
I will not nearly drown
and get saved by my daughter

you cannot kick me and knock out my front tooth.
you cannot kick me and block off my swim route.
I will not let you..i will go faster.
I will not let you...go see your pastor.

you have no prayer
i can't be beat
you have no prayer
you can't compete.

i will not stop
i will not quit
i will not vomit
not even one bit

show me those pedals
show me that bike
I bend over cranking
down the long turnpike

racing is tough
racing takes grit
racing is sweating
and showing your fit

give me some gu
give me some exceed
don't make me stop
even when I plead.

I will not falter
I swim, I bike, I run
I will not falter
in the hot sun.
I am a triathlete
Few do what I do.
I am a triathlete
I slurp my gu.
You cannot stop me
I wont be denied
You cannot stop me
Many have tried.
If you are tough
if your spirit soars
Go grab your wetsuit
and head to the shore.
Will you be a triathlete?
Do you have the fire??
Will you be a triathlete
With burning desire???
Footnote on Fast Bees
Many posts ago, I lauded the Medina Bees State Cross Country Champs.!!! This past weekend, they fared very well at a prestigious national meet. The Nike Team National In Portland Oregon.
The team finished in 12th place out of 22 teams. Running for Medina :Donny Roys, Jeremy Arthur, Sam Maynard, Hunter Heaton, Kent Rankin, Lucas Walter, and Ryan Fallow. Roys was the top finisher placing 10th overall with a time of 16:30. Mike DeFelice traveled as an alternate and competed in the open race that included international participants with teams traveling from as far away as Kenya.
Congrats Bees on outstanding racing, triguyjt


tracie said...

JT I loved the Suess inspired Triathlete poem!

Don't we all dream of Kona? :)

triguyjt said...

thanks tracie..yes, kona is mecca. its carnegie hall..yankee stadium....olympic you name it...
thanks again

Charlie said...

"I will not vomit"

I don't know how many times I have made this declaration. Once while you ran past me in Ashtabula.

I usually swim in the PM. The pool opens at 7:30 till the teams season ends. Lets figure out some times if that works for you.