Tuesday, November 13, 2007

C.C in a Speedo

Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia won the American League Cy Young Award. Its always a buzz when kids (I can call them kids, he's barely older than my youngest, Joe) you have seen come up through the ranks get honors. Its a vicarious kinda thing.

courtesy Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Gotta confess. When he was starting out, we made plenty of references to his size. He is a few pizza's north of 300 pounds, I believe. We called him Captain Cheeseburger...blah blah blah.... I mean, come on...he was, like two triathletes combined. Not two triguyjt's. I've poked fun at my stocky build. But, two AVERAGE sized triathletes combined.

Anyway, I applaud him. He matured as a young man, and as a pitcher and heres hoping he has much success for many years. Hopefully all of it wearing a Tribe Uni.

So....I stumbled upon a blog today, some guy from Minnesota. Steve in a Speedo. Guy is hilarious. He's an Ironman guy. Cut his teeth at IM Wisconsin. Very funny guy. Twisted in a harmless way........I think.

C.C. and Steve melded together and..... tahhhhh dahhh. C.C.in a Speedo.

I won't have the art department do a warped blow-up of the big fella. I will just leave it at that.

I will also say, success comes in all shapes and sizes. The team. The Media. The experts in baseball all wanted C.C. to lose about 50 pounds. He never would have been as successful losing all that weight. What he is now, works for him. God Bless.

And Steve can keep on wearing his speedos or goodness sakes, anything else for that matter to race in.

By the way....no speedo for me.

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Steve Stenzel said...

NO SPEEDO FOR YOU?!?! That's no good!

And thanks for the blog-love!