Thursday, November 8, 2007

Go Berserk

It started to click today. Putting off hard workouts. Thinking what I was doing was "good enough". Pure and utter bull-poop. I don't know how I managed to race this year. 4 Triathlons. One Half Iron, 2 Olympic distances and 1 sprint. I know I should have raced better. Maybe I was caught up in the euphoria because my son got into the sport. I trained alot, but my sense of purpose could have been more defined.

When I had great seasons of racing, I always had a plan. Pretty detailed. But a plan. Not like most times this year.

triguyjt 07
"ahh, lets run for an hour"
triguyjt alter ego
" fast??? how many surges??"
triguyjt 07
"ahh, I don't know. I'll just wing it"
triguyjt alter ego
"gheeesh..what a wuss"
And thats how most days went. I would put in time, but what was I doing with the time. So... I will adopt the motto that was coined by one of the most thoughtful of scribes on the sport of running, George Sheehan.

If you want to win anything
-a race, your self, your life-
you have to go
a little berserk.

george sheehan

So in my own way, I went berserk today. Granted, it was a treadmill workout in the basement gym of triguyjt and "the pilates instructor"...but it was a solid, No frills, hard workout. 60 minutes. I mixed in strong tempos. I attacked hills. It was like i was "Pre" come back to life....but with ohhhhh 40...nahhh 45 extra pounds.

Felt fantastic. Felt alive and I have one person to thank for it.

My bride. Many posts ago, I talked about how she conquered her fear of flying. How she shows guts when she has to fly on an airplane. I thought of her doing this. Zip Lines down in St. Lucia this past March. How utterly fearless she appeared, when I knew it had to be agony inside of her, hanging by a line, 70 feet above the jungle floor.

I took racing for granted. I never put myself in that position of overcoming one fear to be great. What was I afraid of?? More mediocrity???
My bride goes to the gym every day and works her fanny off. She has purpose to what she does. When she teaches Pilates, or trains one on one she wants the experience to be just right. She prepares. She doesn't just show up and wing it. I respect her so much. Her type of prepartion is what I should have when I prepare to race.

I have one regret. She doesn't race triathlons.

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