Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here Comes Shamu

The wetsuit won't be in lake erie anymore this year. believe it or not, I was in the lake 2 and a half weeks ago..temp was 62. Last week in October. Wasn't in long.Yikes. One of my goals is to swim San Francisco Bay. Escape from Alcatraz. THAT water is, what 55 degrees or so!!!!! Whew

Yep, Shamu won't be making any splashes. I mean come on. Check out my profile photo in the blog. I am not svelte. 195 pounds most of the time. Best races, I was in the 180's. But I compete. In my own, slow as molasses way.

Now I am in winter mode. Am checking around for places to swim this winter. Any area triathletes with any ideas??? I would appreciate any help. I hear its great at Cleveland State. Solon??? I took spin classes from Dr. Heather Petroff at Peak Performance in Broadview Heights. They have a good swim program.

Goggles are ready. The swimsuit and flotation devices too.

See you in the water


Craig said...

I hear the Orange High School pool is great. They have a masters program too. Since I'm located southeast I use the super nice Kent State University rec center pool.

triguyjt said...

hey craig.
Thanks. I will check with them. I appreciate it. Closest for me is CSU, but zipping to Orange or Solon won't be far out either.

Thanks again

Charlie said...

Notre Dame is where I go.

mjyfins said...

Hey JT,
Checked out your blog and noticed you were looking for a pool. Well, sorry to say that Peak no longer has a pool (indoor). So, no swimming here till May or so. Being that you work in Cleveland, and if you can break out during the day, you might want to check out the Tri-C pool. The times aren't back and the price can't be beat. Later, Mike

triguyjt said...

hey myfins

the little guy looks like a future triathlete. thanks for visiting the blog.
give chunk a hug for me.