Thursday, November 29, 2007

Of Mice and Men

Okay gang. We hear about needing new energy sources, and I agree.

These things aren't exactly cheap to build, plus theres always the "Three Mile Island" factor. Of course, Every nuke plant would blow up if Homer Simpson clones worked there, but I digress.

The way I figure, the solution to the energy problem and perhaps the source of all of our future sports heroes is right here in my lovely town of Cleveland, Ohio.

Credit the tremendous school, called Case Western Reserve with finding a way around the energy problem. Their researchers have messed with some lab mice and created the "Lance Armstrong" of mice. Click right here... Mighty Mouse

The article spells out what they did, but suffice to say, its amazing. The treadmill little mighty mite can go nearly 6 straight hours... They cover 20 meters a minute. Ha!! you say thats nothing!!! Maybe, but those little critters don't have the stride of you, Mr-Ms- triathlete. But.. the mice don't build up lactic acid like most athletes and they utilize fat in an incredibly efficient manner.

Energizer Bunny, take that!!!!

Think of the ramifications. I mean, there 10 trillion mice in America. No, not all of them are in Manhattan!! Have the Case Western Reserve U. researchers alter them somehow...I don't know...just do it. Then hook up all the little treadmills and you could power every city in America. Plus, the mice are tired of those mazes!!! There are solar farms and wind farms and there could be mice treadmill farms. How about a visual. Little mice on the treadmill, each with their tiny i-pods and their water bottles, running their butts off....for the betterment of the world.. Give em a cheese break every 6 hours.

If they do this on mice, could they fix me up so I can run forever??? Come on guys, alter my enzymes!!!! I dare you. Bring on Ironman Hawaii!!!!!!

Shoot...sometimes the solutions are right under our noses...our twitchy little noses.

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