Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you can't beat em.....join em"

Was finishing the Med Express Mountaineer Half Ironman this past summer. The announcer said, "Lets hear it for John Telich of the Cleveland Triathlon Club".

Actually, he was about 5-6 months premature. Today, I filled out the form and put the application to join the club in the mail. Looking forward to seeing what the Club has to offer...or maybe what I might have to offer the club. We'll see.

I checked out the clubs website. Theres forums, message boards. Theres various areas around Cleveland to train. Wednesday runs at North Chagrin Reservation. Other venues too. Theres a long course club, which I figure I would be a part of since, I did a Half Iron in 07.

Now, I just have to crank up the training. Get more consistent. Been doing different types of workouts lately. Did one that was all rope skipping. (shins are sore). Spent 30 minutes out of my 50 minute run at Chagrin River Park by charging up the steps at the sledding hill about 30 times. That got the heart rate going. Tommorrow, I will hit the weights extensively.

Thanks to those who made suggestions on where to swim. I'll be hitting the water soon.

But, I feel good about joining the Cleveland Triathlon Club.

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Charlie said...

Welcome to the club. The membership fee pays for itself and more thru all the discounts. It may be the best sports bargain in town.
Unless you have a press pass.

Before I joined CTC, my tri life was really a lone wolf experiance. The club brings the community together in a very positive way.Many good people to meet and train with.