Friday, November 16, 2007

Tough Ohio Kids

Back again..

How many of you can point to the video of Julie Moss, crawling across the line at Ironman Hawaii as one of the reasons that got you into the sport???? I don't know how you can see that and not have a strong reaction. Ditto for the first time you saw video on the Hoyts. Right? Yep.

Thanks to ESPNU and of course to the ever-in-your-face-we-have-every-moment-that-happened-in-the-course-of-human-events- YOUTUBE, we can check out the incredible fortitude of a young Ohio cross country runner at the State Championships.

Claire Markwardt of Berkshire High broke her leg in two places...just 40-50 feet away from the finish line as she posted a personal best. Amazingly she tried to finish. Yep, she crawled.

I warn you that the video is a bit much for those who may be sensitive. However, I know all of you fellow triathletes have had rough moments in your races and or your training. You can handle this.

Here is the link..

I salute Claire for her incredible toughness, and her spirit of competition.


Anonymous said...

Telich, that is a great great story of perseverance.
If you don't do a news story on her, I will tell news. What a special young lady. WOW

Chip SBR said...

Wow,,,Thanks John.